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Vehicle Insurance

A Non-Life Insurance Plan

  • Covers Accidents and Thefts etc.,
  • Covers Engine Protection
  • Various Insurers to choose from

Min Premium starts at


    All You Need to Know About Vehicle Insurance!

    A vehicle insurance plan/policy is like an agreement between an insurance company and the owner of a vehicle which protects the owner from financial losses caused by an accident. While many different types of vehicle insurances are available, they typically cover the policyholder, the vehicle of his, and third parties which include other drivers, people who suffer injuries from a collision with the policyholder.

    Harmoney Advisors Vehicle Insurance, a Non-Life Insurance Plan, ensures maximum lowering of damage cost caused in an accident. Our plans include multiple vehicles ranging from two-wheelers to four and it covers various schemes which also include Engine Protection.

    Advantages of Vehicle Insurance

    • Covers Accidents and Thefts
    • Covers Engine Protection
    • Various Insurers to choose from
    • High Coverage with lower rates

    Eligibility Check

    The minimum age of the policyholder should be 18

    The policyholder must and should be an Indian or have Indian citizenship approval from government

    A Driver’s License is mandatory in order to issue an insurance.

    The RC of the vehicle should be available inorder to check the ownership

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