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Tesseract OCR based Utility Meter Reading Scanner App

This is an meter reading mobile application with full source and compatible to Android Studio workspace. Simplified the process of energy meter readings using barcode of the meter and reading was captured through OCR process . Fully functional with analog meter reading.



  • The pluggable solution for your Energy Meter Reading or Utility meter readings.
  • Barcode Scanner + Electric Meter Reading Capture
  • Suitable for Analog Meter readings
  • Customizable for Digital/Seven Segment Displays
  • Gas Meter Reading
  • Integratable with any SAP/Utility Softwares.
  • The Application works seamlessly with any backend integrations like a simple Excel spreadsheet to a little customized SAP integration.


  • Step 1: Scan your unique Barcode
  • Step 2: Scan your meter Reading
  • Step 3: Confirm and submit the details (ability to edit)

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Compatible to Android Studio workspace.

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Compatible to XCode workspace using Swift code base


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I have bought MobiQuiz App so long time ago and I used for my self for a special Quiz Project and its very simple and understandable.

Sunil Khanderao

I contacted them for custom work on mobile app projects. In the last years, I used different Indian companies, but KloudPortal stands out. 


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