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SVMPL’s Management team has more than 25 years of experience in Marketing and Sales and we believe that products need to be bought Not Because Of Excessive Branding But Because Of The Quality And Usefulness To The End Customer.

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The Vision of SVMPL is to develop an all-inclusive online-offline marketing platform and to be a stakeholder centric company through which we can profit both the Manufacturers and the Consumers resulting in a Win-Win Situation for Both Sides.

Mission Statement

Establishing of Hencebuy stores in various small towns of India is not only to increase the availability of QUALITY PRODUCTS with assured AFTER-SALES SERVICE and game-changing connectivity through its offline and online stores BUT ALSO to REDUCE COSTS for MANUFACTURER in taking their products to END CUSTOMER and INCREASE CONSUMER VALUE significantly!

Our Values

The Standards set at SVMPL have always been high. We Believe that when there’s enough effort Ventured there’s always gain which equals the effort. We Strive to Establish a Healthy Relationship between Investors and the Companies to produce Long-Lasting Franchisees.

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