Enterprise Level Private analytics - Data Driven Decision Making Process

Get full potential of your web page by identifying your Audience, track and Maximise your revenues, understand how visitors interact with your pages on a real-time web analytics report

Data driven decision making Process gives you a foolproof evidence of how your business moves ahead. It encourages you to trust the data more than on relying on emotions and gut feeling about your goal tracking or conversions. With CustomerEngagePro Analytics, data attributes are interpreted to give an insightful view of your visitor or customer journey.

Let’s go through with an example for private web analytics before entering into the technicalities. Today’s Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Infibeam it has been a long way for the market, businesses and customers in the e-commerce journey. Today e-commerce has expanded to  B2B, B2C and C2C channels, leaving no stone unturned.

In the age of E-commerce the store owner doesn’t know who visited the online store and for what. Yes, we have lot of Customer analytics, statistics tools, which tell the owner that 1000 visitors visited his website. But do you think a store owner can do anything with this information? If the owner can know the intention behind their visits, he can make atleast 2% conversion in his business.

Today is an era of Digital Marketing and engagement. Popular e-commerce stores, today maintain a team of Customer Engagement Representatives, who attend to customer’s needs and help. It has been identified that a popular e-commerce websites have a conversion rate of 2%-5% ideally. So what about the 95%-98% of the people who visited the website and left? How to tap that Market? It is a challenge for all the e-commerce businesses.

With CustomerEngagePro Private web Analytics Feature we are trying to solve this challenge by building a new engine that will focus on understanding the behaviour of that intuitive segment of visitors. We capture the IP address, e-mail address (entered on a form) and the path travelled by customer on the website. Please wait while we bring more interesting features and insights  with our Product!!! 

Enterprise web Analytic solutions that can be privately hosted on Intranet network, shall warrant employees on the software usage and eases decision making on license purchases, cancellation and usage optimization. CustomerEngagePro as a Data driven decision making process has glorified many small businesses, contributes to risk management and maximize profits.

Data Driven Decision Making Process For Business, Education

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