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Principal Gain

A Guaranteed Maturity Unit-linked Insurance Plan

  • Principal Returns
  • Potential of High Returns
  • Guaranteed Loyalty Additions

Min Premium starts at


    All You Need to Know about Principal Gain!

    When you want to buy a product, you’ll make sure to know all the details regarding the product beforehand. If such is the approach towards a product, so should it also be towards an investment plan. As of today, ULIPs are becoming very popular amongst investors because they offer various benefits which include helping you invest in a disciplined way towards your life goals, enabling you to invest in the markets without a worry, and offering a life cover.

    Is ULIP only limited to this? Harmoney Advisors Principal Gain is a ULIP that offers capital protection, meaning no matter how the markets perform, the invested principal is secured. This helps you safeguard your investments and brings you closer to achieving your life goals without any worry.

    Advantages of Principal Gain

    • Principal protection
    • Potential of high returns
    • Guaranteed loyalty additions
    • Option to receive maturity benefit in instalments

    Eligibility Check

    Minimum age should be 7 Years

    Maximum age can be upto 60 Years

    Minimum Maturity age should be 18 years

    Maximum Maturity age can be 70 years

    The term can be from 5 to Choice of years taken at policy plan.

    From 7 to 15 years

    10 times of Annual Premium

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