The capability of keeping track of the on goings of a website in an efficient manner can be explained as website tracking. This can be achieved by various methodologies for example using a special software tools. Now, for the relief of new and already existing web trackers CustomerEngagePro Enterprise web Analytics tool is available.

The basic aim of tracking a website is to enhance the familiarity and knowledge of a user. This might or might not be liked by the specific person on whose activity is tracked. Now, because of CustomerEngagePro web analytics tools, only a JavaScript can be utilized to be added at the end of each website to give its records. These records are necessary because of various factors, mainly the concept of protection of personal privacy and space.  

Real time Analytics and Enterprise analytics

When discussing real time analytics, CustomerEngagePro Analytics lets you host on your private server which is unlike many of the analytics mainly Google tools. To understand the concept of real time analytics, it can be defined as the analysis and use of data as it enters into a system is called Real Time Analysis.

Enterprise analysis is the preservation and working of data that is stored within a specific association of a business or major websites.. Many experts are hired to do this job as the intensity of the job varies because all the systems are not united together into one comprehensive platform. These set of experts are present in CustomerEngagePro Analytics.

Advanced and real time web analytics

Web analytics mainly covers the following aspects: ease of usage of the specific website for the users, conversion of data and its moulding as to generalize its usage and convert it into a comfort zone for the users, and most importantly branding of the website. Some affordable analytic solutions generally are Woopra, HitTail, WordStream, Eightfold Logic, Raven, Compete, SERP analytics and many more.

CustomerEngagePro web Analytics tools will provide JavaScript’s that will aid in all of these processes to create analytic reports. Enterprise web analytics tool is the practical implementation of the Enterprise Analysis. This means that it can allow its users to have an access to the data available instantly. The data can be molded into any shape regardless of how it is entered. These data patterns are accessed and then monitored so that they can be styled so efficiently that they help in the gaining of profit for the business.

Making decision in accordance with data and provision of web analytical solutions

Data can be used to provide assistance to the managers of companies that they are running. These companies can be of any type. It could be a small knit company where not many people are employed or a large multinational company. The importance of data based decisions marks by the mere fact that they base solely on the comfort and satisfaction of the customers that are being dealed by such businesses. The concept of internal and external data is very important to be understood by the runners of such companies so that they can solve their problems and bring about more efficiency in their systems. Such that, Enterprise web analytics softwares then identify the problems faced by major companies and help bring about solutions to them.

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