On-Premise Analytics with 100% data control and ownership

Get full potential of your web page by identifying your Audience, track and Increase your revenues, understand how visitors interact with your pages on a real-time web analytics report
Enterprise web analytics - CustomerEngagePro Analytics

With the advent of digital age, data has garnered huge importance. With every click on a web page tracked as event, Data driven decision making has become a necessity. While there are a colossal On-Premise Web Analytics Softwares nothing is on par with a Private Analytics Software.

CustomerEngagePro Analytics Software provides an On-Premise Web Analytics Solutions that help you to track multiple websites at a go! This Intranet Web Analytics Software helps you to identify your audience, track their journey throughout your application and increase your revenues. Besides providing offline analytics, CustomerEngagePro Analytics Software also provides Real-time Web Analytics of your visitors to track and understand their needs. Its Advanced Analytics features give you greater insights into your visitor journey and behaviour.

Self hosted Mobile Analytics is one of the Key features brought to you by CustomerEngagePro Analytics. It lets you to track your Mobile Apps along with your Web Applications.

Built for Private AnalyticsCustomerEngagePro Analytics Software assures you of the data you own. You have complete control of your visitor data! CustomerEngagePro Analytics respects visitor privacy and follows EU Privacy Norms. CEP’s Intranet Web and Mobile App Analytics implementation ensures 100% data security and privacy.

Data Driven Decision Making helps to manage risks, maximize Returns

Manage customer data easy with our suite of CustomerEngagePro Analytics Predictive, on-premises web analytics. Track and report on integrated customer data and Maximize revenues.

Understanding what your visitors are looking for on your website is a herculean task. With growing online payments, offline and Real-time Web Analytics play a major role in securing an edge in the competitive market. Data Analytics gives you a clear picture on how the users land on your website, what are the events that they trigger and where they exit your website. This drives you towards a conscious decision making on which products or services you have to focus to maximize returns and minimize risk.

Targeted Customer Engagement has gained precedence in today’s digital world. Advanced Analytics solutions with on-premise analytics shall assist marketing team to focus on right visitors and increase conversions.

Predictive web Analytic solutions that can be privately hosted on Intranet network, shall warrant employees on the software usage and eases decision making on license purchases, cancellation and usage optimization. CustomerEnagagePro as a Data driven decision making tool has glorified many small businesses, contributes to risk management and maximizes returns.

On-premise web Analytics - CustomerEngagePro Analytics

Product Features


Privacy Compliance

Our strong Privacy Policy complies with EU and local legal regulations and ensures that your users’ privacy is protected.

Data Ownership

You are the sole owner of the data tracked by your CEP service and you can request a full raw data dump at any time.

High Availability and Redundancy

Your data tracking service will always be available. Thanks to our scalable, redundant infrastructure setup.

Backups and Data Protection

Divi is here to stay, and you can rest easy knowing that our team will be updating and improving it for years to come. Build on top of a powerful foundation.

Technical User Support

We provide ongoing support, advice and tips for your Business Model. We also deliver fast, competent and clear responses that focus on solving any issues that you may come across.

Complete Service

You can be assured of complete assistance with configuration & setup We always ensure that you have the most recent and stable version of Customer Engage Pro.

Server Security

We implement high security standards and industry best practices to ensure your data is secure and 100% protected

Infrastructure Monitoring

We will monitor your CEP platform 24/7 to ensure it runs smoothly without any interruptions. We shall detect and rectify potential issues before they affect your service.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our maximum reaction time for critical issues is 4 hours. As part of our Enterprise Support Plan you can be sure that your problems will be solved as fast as possible.

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