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All Details Are Important

We Create Amazing Designs

All Details Are Important

We Create Amazing Designs

All Details Are Important


Luxurious Wardrobes with Quality Finish!


Interior designing is the art to divide and carve spaces as per functional needs. And also to present them visually/physically in a beautiful way by using a wide spectrum of materials like wood, steel, glass, fabric, wallpaper, paint, artifacts, etc., We at ModularX are experts in achieving all of these.


Kitchen Designing is the restructuring of the whole kitchen space in an organized manner in order to maximize the functional usage and visual appeal of the kitchen room. This is achieved when there’s a lot of thought put behind it. And we achieve this by having numerous discussions with clients.


We specialize in setting/furnishing Wardrobes, Showrooms, Home Theaters, Study Units & Other Modular Woodwork. We make sure to organize them in such a way that it depicts the atmosphere of the whole house. We provide various furnishing solutions to choose from and finalize the design only after the client’s approval.

Critical Thinking

Concept & Details

When it comes to laying out a blueprint/design, our team is second to none. We provide you with multiple options to choose from.

Our Team of Experts will craft the designs which will suit the environment, and of course, all of this is done only by setting the client’s satisfaction as the primary objective. And we provide the best designs which come well within your budget and ensure that money won’t be an obstacle in the making of your design.

We Make


Our previous works in the past speak of our ability and capability to design high quality interior designs. Not just that, the materials which we use to build the designs are the best in the industry which makes the designs long laster when compared to the other designs.

We always strive to meet the client’s expectations and build the design according to the blueprint which was proposed at the start. To make a masterpiece there should be a strong experienced team behind it, and we are experts at that, So there’s no need for any worry when it comes to designing and work.


Had my Kitchen designed with the team of ModularX and I can’t find the words to describe how professional the whole exchange went. The team was exceptional and the work was done before the deadline date. Highly Recommend these people to others.

Jane Smith

Brand Partners

Perfect Design

Perfection is achieved when there’s a vast amount of hard work and thought put into it and we spend loads of time to achieve it .

Carefully Planned

A whole number of revisions are made before laying out the design and frequent discussions are made among the team.

Smartly Executed

A High Professional Approach is a must when it comes to deploying a design and we make sure that the outcome reaches the initial design.

Super Team



Interior Designer

Ranjith is an expert in the field of Interior design. His approach towards designing is unique, which sets him apart from the other designers.



Site Supervisor

Krishna excels at the aspect of supervising the whole project progress. His experience in the field makes him a proper leader while the work is being done.



Interior designer

Harshitha is an Interior Designer who specializes in Kitchen Interiors. Her ability to visualize a kitchen and giving attention to detail enables us to give the right output to kitchen interiors.



Marketing Manager

Narendra handles all the work relating to the marketing side. His polite and professional approach towards the customers makes him an excellent addition to our team.









Way to Contact Us

We are open from Monday to Saturday / 10:00 – 18:00

Office Location

Plot No 7,1st floor, Opp Bharat Petrol Pump, Madinaguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500049

+91-095056 78688

Modular X

A well-known brand in the field of manufacturing modular kitchens for over 2 years, ModularX is widely recognized as a one-stop store for home interiors.

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