Managed Services, Consulting, Custom Analytics for your Business

Our Customers needs more than the Analytics. They want a comprehensive solution and lead the competitors

Managed Services

All the power of the CustomerEngagePro,  no engineering or devops required.

  • We setup the CustomerEngagePro on your AWS account/Rackspace/any other hosting: in hours (SLA 4 days)
  • We run the CustomerEngagePro for you: ensuring your data gets delivered where it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to
  • We upgrade your CustomerEngagePro for you on an ongoing basis
  • We support you integrating our event trackers, setting up goals integrations, daily reports, configuring the websites

All for $1,250 setup fee for the CustomerEngagePro, $499 per month for managed services (minimum term 12 months).


At CustomerEngagePro, we know our customers want more than just a Analytics application. They want a solution that achieves the business goals defined during the marketing & sales process. They want a solution that delivers a big win for their organization and for them personally—one that achieves widespread user adoption, engagement and reduce the attrition.

Whether you’re implementing CustomerEngagePro for the first time, adding reports, websites, mobile apps, creating reports or enhancing your existing reports, our experts are there to assist you.


Our experts work in different roles to bring exactly the right expertise to your project from conception through rollout.

  • Solution Architects own the overall implementation success and develop documentation for high-level business requirements, a detailed business requirements document (BRD), and project-scoping documents.
  • Implementation Consultants work closely with your team to build the application, including application configuration, data integration, and initial templates and reports.
  • Project Managers develop the project plan and ensure that the “virtual team” built from both your staff and CustomerEngagePro staff stays on track, regularly communicating status updates to stakeholders and checking to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Training Consultants develop and deliver all training materials during and after implementation and ensure that all project participants are trained to own the application going forward.
  • Integration Consultants design and implement the right integration approach depending on business requirements, source systems, custom analytics and use-cases.

As your implementation progresses, CustomerEngagePro consulting staff work closely with our team to ensure you can seamlessly engage post-implementation support resources without any disruption or re-work.

Support Contracts

Up to 10 hours support per month from the CustomerEngagePro Engineering and Analytics team

  • Support delivered via our support system and video calls
  • You have direct access to the CustomerEngagePro team

Support contracts start at $2,000 per month (minimum 6 month term). Email us with your usecase for detailed contracts or ticket through CustomerEngagePro zendesk support

Extended Support and Analytics Data Driven Decision making

Extend the Snowplow pipeline so it does more for you, for example:

  • Develop new Event Integration
  • Develop new third party integrations
  • Develop new enrichments & customized reports
  • Develop support for Future integrations, aggregated analytics

Email us with your usecase for detailed contracts or ticket through CustomerEngagePro zendesk support