Web Analytics tool that give the visitor count of web pages have become redundant in today’s fast pacing world. CustomerEngagePro is an advanced Magento extension, providing Enterprise web analytics and automated insights to help you measure, manage and improve your customer online presence.


The advantage of the CustomerEngagePro Magento extension

The Magento platform is a powerful e-commerce tool, but some business owners struggle to uncover important sales data and its customer analytical reports.

The CustomerEngagePro Magento extension is designed to provide important online business observations and User Engagement Metrics  to support data-driven decision making in Online Business. This allows enterprise owners to identify their high end products, most valuable customers and future potential.


Customisable Magento inventory reports

The CustomerEngagePro extension is constantly analysing your website visitors and insights, providing valuable reports into real-time sales and views to help you increase customer retention, improve product performance and identify potential growth areas.

This can include extensive analytics regarding your stock movement and value. By analysing your   best sellers by brand, manufacturer and profit, Magento inventory reports enable you to enhance your product management capabilities. Reports and analysis regarding which items each customer has purchased can help you decide the brands, products and styles to promote, market and restock.


How we serve your Enterprise needs?

You must have procured several Extensions built on different Technology Stacks for various Business Units and Process Units. How can you assess the Extensions’ usability? How can the leadership take a decision on when a tool is outdated or when a software has to be updated at your enterprise?

With CustomerEngagePro’s Enterprise level Magento extension come up with a unique solution where the Java script tracks the usage and triggers daily aggregated analytic reports for your Enterprise. This helps the management understand which tools are being used most, where they should focus on upgrading the tools and take a decision on redundant tools/softwares. This saves time, money , improves the productivity and ensures security!

Ecommerce Analytics and visitor insights for Magento commerce

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