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Lifestyle Secure

A Non-linked Term Assurance Plan

  • Security for family with Regular Income
  • No Medicals Required
  • High Sum Assured Rebate

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    All You Need to Know About Lifestyle Secure!

    Everyone works hard to achieve their life goals and to provide the best possible lifestyle to their loved ones. You wouldn’t want your family members’ life’s goal journey to stop in your absence or case of a terminal illness to you. Therefore, it is necessary to secure these dreams in a well-prepared manner.

    Harmoney Advisors LifeStyle Secure, a non-linked, non-participating term insurance plan provides you with level cover term assurance with sudden terminal illness benefit. The plan helps a lot in ensuring your family member’s safety and takes your worry away. It helps ensure that your family members maintain their lifestyle and can pursue their life goals without any hindrance.

    Advantages of Lifestyle Secure

    • Regular income
    • Inbuilt accelerated terminal illness cover
    • No medical examination/tests required
    • Option to take death/TI benefits in lump sum
    • High sum assured rebate

    Eligibility Check

    Minimum age should be 18 Years

    Maximum age can be upto 50 Years

    Minimum Maturity age should be 23 years

    Maximum Maturity age can be 60 years

    5 or 7 or 10 or 15 or 20 years

    Minimum Sum Assured is 3,00,000

    Maximum Sum Assured is 15,00,000

    Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly

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