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Life Long Assure

A Non-linked Whole Life Plan

  • Whole life policy
  • Guaranteed cash back till you turn 99 years
  • Death benefit of up to 300% of sum assured

Premium starts at


    All You Need to Know about Life Long Plan!

    In this modern age your child’s platform to find their life goals and aspirations has expanded in vast numbers. Your child’s strongest motivation to find and make their dreams come true is your unconditional support and care. Let the challenges of any financial stress not stand as a wall for your child’s life goal pursuit. A smart financial plan would not replace your unconditional love and care, but it can become a very strong stepping stone for your child in pursuit of their life’s goal.

    Harmoney Advisors Life-Long Assure provides income and life cover till you turn 100 years along with cash bonus starting from a specific year depending on the plan chosen, along with a guaranteed cashback .

    Advantages of Life Long Plan

    • Guaranteed cash back
    • Cash bonus starting from the end of 6 years
    • Whole life policy
    • Limited premium paying term
    • Guaranteed death benefit of up to 300% of sum assured
    • Policy benefits in monthly instalments
    • Multiple rider options

    Eligibility Check

    Minimum age should be 10 Years

    Maximum age can be upto 55 Years.

    Age at Entry minus 100

    Ten, Fifteen and Twenty years .

    Minimum Sum Assured is 1,00,000

    Maximum Sum Assured No limit

    Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly

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