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Life Income Assure

A Guaranteed Monthly Income Life Insurance Plan

  • Limited premium payment term
  • Bonus to enhance your savings
  • Choice of 2 life cover variants: Income & Assure

Premium starts at


    All You Need to Know about Life Income Plans!

    Did you spot the attractive dress that you wanted to purchase, but couldn’t? Or had a look at the advertisement for your dream holiday and end up not booking it immediately. Or Perhaps the awesome sports shoes your child wanted but you had to delay the purchase. All because the budget for the month was way tighter than usual. Wouldn’t you be satisfied if you could buy those things that meant a lot to you, instantly? That is when a life insurance plan, which assures a monthly income comes to the rescue.

    Advantages of Life Income Plans

    • Guaranteed monthly income
    • Two variants available
    • Multiple policy terms
    • Bonus
    • Multiple rider benefits
    • Rebate on high sum assured

    Eligibility Check

    Minimum age should be 0 or 18 Years depending on the policy applied.

    Maximum age can be upto 50 Years

    Minimum Maturity age should be 18 years

    Maximum Maturity age can be 74 years

    17,19,22 and 24 years

    5, 7, 10, 12 years

    Yearly and Monthly

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