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Invest Assure

A Non-Linked Endowment Plan

  • Limited premium payment option
  • Rebate on high sum assured
  • Option to take policy benefits in instalments

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    All You Need to Know about Investing!

    A steady strong ship is a smart way to maneuver through windy seas. Similarly, a feasible financial plan will help you sail through the various twists of life. An Ideal life insurance policy is designed in such a way where it helps you take on the surprises of life, celebrate occasions and be as a helping hand in your family’s life goals pursuit.

    Harmoney Advisors Invest Assure, a non-linked, limited premium endowment plan, is comprised of benefits to help you and your family head towards your life goals in an easy manner. Furthermore, this plan helps your family stay on track with their life goals, even in your absence.

    Advantages of Investing

    • Two options of life cover to choose from
    • Maturity Benefits
    • Limited premium payment term
    • High sum assured rebate
    • Multiple rider benefits
    • Policy benefits in monthly instalments
    • Option to change premium paying frequency

    Eligibility Check

    Minimum age should be 0 or 18 Years depending on the plan

    Maximum age can be upto 50 Years

    Minimum Maturity age should be 18 years

    Maximum Maturity age can be 65-70 years depending on the plan.

    15-17 years depending on the plan.

    40 years

    Minimum 1,00,000

    Maximum No Limit

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