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House Insurance

A Non-Life Insurance Plan

  • Covers Natural Disasters and Man-made Calamities
  • Covers the content like Furniture etc.,
  • Various Variants to choose from

Min Premium Funds You can Invest 


    All You Need to Know about House Insurance!

    A typical House Insurance Plan is like an agreement between an insurance company and a house owner who protects his house from financial losses that can result from damages to the property or his possessions(furniture, appliances, clothes, etc.,). The extent of the threat a plan covers usually depends upon the plan that was chosen. A typical house insurance plan usually covers natural disasters like storms, fire and also man-made casualties like theft, riot, etc.,

    Harmoney Advisor House Insurance is that one plan which gives you various options on house coverage and lets you choose the best plan out of it. This plan’s main focus is to provide the best suitable coverage for the customers and assure them for their house and carry on with their daily lives.

    Advantages of House Insurance

    • Covers Natural Disaster and Man-made Calamities
    • Provides Temporary living expenses during the time of claim
    • Coverage of Replacement Cost
    • Multiple Variants for Coverage.

    Eligibility Check

    Healthy Credit Score is required from the Customer.

    The Location of the property also comes into play and we thoroughly examine your location and give you the best plan.

    Some of our policies may require you to install some safety installments in order to avoid damage and acceptance is not optional.

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