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Health Insurance

A Health Insurance Plan

  • Covers various Critical Illness including Cancer & Heart
  • Option to choose family members
  • Multiple Variants to choose

Min Premium Funds You can Invest 

₹100000 Cover for ₹500/month

    All You Need to Know about Health Insurance!

    A Health Insurance is designed to help people cover their health care costs which include frequent doctor visits, hospital stays, surgeries, procedures, lab tests, and other treatments and services. These Health Care plans are further divided/classified into two categories which are individual plans and group plans.

    Harmoney Advisor Health Insurance is that one plan which gives you various health care plans and lets you choose the best plan out of them. The plans include various covers including critical illness like cardiac-arrest, cancer, kidney treatment, etc., We have a list of affordable plans that suit most of the Indian population in terms of budget and disease.

    Advantages of Health Insurance

    • A Financial Support in case of sudden Illness
    • Covers a number of Critical Illness
    • Option to choose Family Members
    • Multiple Variants to choose from
    • Premium Returns is available at the time of maturity.

    Eligibility Check

    Minimum age for a child should be 5 Years

    Minimum age for an adult should be 18 Years

    Maximum age for a child can be 17 Years

    Maximum age for an adult can be 65 Years

    Maximum Maturity age for a child is 37 years

    Maximum Maturity age for an adult is 75 years

    Depending on the plan, it ranges from 10 years to 20years

    The minimum premium ranges from ₹3000 to ₹4000 and the price varies depending upon the plan chosen.

    The Maximum premium depends upon the plan chosen

    Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly.

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