HerConnections provides its members access to personalized career advice from anywhere globally on any device at any time from successful women in the STEM field.

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HerConnections provides a platform to its members to access personalized career advice from anywhere globally on any device at any time from successful women in the STEM field.


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Shanaya Smith, has worked at Coca Cola since she graduated from college 3 years ago in Data Science. She works in the analytics department for health products. She is the only women in a team of 15 people.

She has been passed over for promotions and does not see a bright future for herself unlike her male counterparts in the team. She is the only college graduate in her family and does not have a network of friends and mentors that can help guide her through this situation.

She googled some information but it did not give her clear direction then a friend told Shanaya about HerConnections app which took her to services for career women, where she not only found resources such as articles, role-playing, and Tedtalks, but she was also able to get curated recommendations and a mentor.

When she asked the question about “What can she do to address her current situation?” she was served several FAQs from similar situations. She then got a curated recommendation to do strengths and opportunities exercise to identify a better fit for her growth. After that she was matched with a mentor from Coke in the same location to get personal advice guiding her on how to communicate her interest in management roles in data science to her senior management.

In a few months when a management position opened up, her manager asked her to apply for the role. Shanaya said, “At a crucial point in my career, HerConnections provided me with the resources, guidance and wisdom I needed to drive my career forward.” Shanaya now leads a market research organization of 25 people.


Identify Growth Opportunities

Diane Cho was an excellent student in high school and was able to land a scholarship at Princeton in Physics. Despite her family and friend’s network to support her, she struggled to fit in with the cohorts who were mostly male. While she excelled at the rigorous course work and could leverage the placement office, she did not have clarity on how to land a job that fit her interest after graduation.

While searching the internet, she landed on the HerConnections web site and app. She was able to leverage HerConnections feature, curated recommendations, narrowing down the organizations she applied to by matching her interests and needs. Then she leveraged the interviewing recommendations and was able to conduct a mock interview with one of the advisors on HerConnections. Diane landed two offers, including one from NASA.

A year later Diane is now excelling at NASA and is an active HerConnections contributor. Diane commented, “Without HerConnections support I would not have been able to successfully land and thrive in my current role. That is why it is a pleasure to give back to other Junior women on the same path.”


Create Relevant Connections

Laura Arlington has always been interested in giving back to the women’s community of STEM as she is one of three women in her organization running a large team. However, with two little kids and a big job she was unable to commit to in-person meetings and travel when presented with mentoring opportunities.

When HerConnections offered her the opportunity to help early and mid-career women in STEM on-the-go in small snippets of time, she quickly jumped at the idea. In the last 6 months she has successfully advised 25 women helping them grow in their careers.

The advice varied from strategic, novel approach to promotion to more tactical, how to address managers’ tantrums. In just 6 months she reached the gold medallion status clearly establishing herself as a coach and mentor who excels helping individuals develop as leaders. She laughs and says, this gives her the kind of professional satisfaction she wanted – social impact that addresses the gender gap in the STEM field.

Now every time she sees a ping from HerConnections she cannot wait to respond as soon as she gets a break in her day. Her visibility as a coach and mentor has also generated some interesting opportunities for her that she had never thought about. Now she is evaluating a pivot in her career and says, she could not be happier to explore this opportunity.

About us..

After several decades of working in the corporate world we decided to launch HerConnections, a partner in STEM career growth for women to address a much-needed service to close the gender gap at all levels in the profession. Our vision is to empower women to own their careers with additional support from HerConnections.

We serve high school girls interested in pursuing a college or community degree in a STEM field, female college students in pursuit of STEM degrees, and women pursuing career growth in the STEM field as individuals or as leaders in corporate, academia, entrepreneurship, and government jobs starting with services for professional women, 0-15 yrs. post graduation.

We provide members access to personalized advice from anywhere globally on any device at any time from successful women in the STEM field. In addition, we offer one-stop-shop for all career resources, opportunities to connect, find a job, or attend an event.

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