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General Insurances

General Insurances are the other insurances or non-life insurances which as the name suggests, apply to all the other aspects of insurance like house insurance, vehicle insurance, etc., They’re also known as property insurance and in some cases as casualty insurance.

Types of General Insurances

There are multiple insurances that come under the general category of insurances, and listed below are some of them for you to choose.

Health Insurance

Min Premium Funds you can Invest

₹100000 Cover for 500/month

  • Covers various Critical Illness including Cancer & Heart
  •  Option to choose family members
  • Multiple Variants to choose

House Insurance

Premium starts at


  • Covers Natural Disasters and Man-made Calamities
  • Covers the content like Furniture etc.,
  • Various Variants to choose from

Vehicle Insurance

Min Premium starts at


  • Covers Accidents and Thefts etc., 
  •  Covers Engine Protection
  • Various Insurers to choose from

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