Frequently Asked Questions 

What is CEP?

Customer Engage Pro is a easily usable Web Analytics Cloud Software, designed to cater to the Analytics needs of Small Businesses. It is 100% secure and can be hosted in-house for private monitoring of data analytics , customize your business needs and drive the decisions

How is CustomerEngagePro (CEP) different from Other Web Analytics tools

One of the standard preferences of CustomerEngagePro (CEP)is that you are in control. Dissimilar to remote-facilitated administrations, (for example, Google Analytics), you have CEP all alone server and the information is followed inside your Mysql database. Since CEP is introduced on your server, you appreciate full control over your information. You can get to the information effortlessly by means of the CEP APIs. Propelled clients can utilize Custom Variables, Segmentation, or even run manual inquiries on the database keeping in mind the end goal to manufacture propelled reports. DB access and direct stats control will be available for OnPremise Tenants/Enterprises

How does Customer Engage Pro Work?

Customer Engage Pro is easy to use and works effectively. A website owner has to register with CEP by providing basic details like Name, E-mail address, Website name, Website URL etc., We give you a tracking code, which the registered user has to append on his Website in header or footer, which runs throughout the application. Once the JS tracking code is added, your website is ready to be tracked.

All the website analytics can be viewed on the Overview page, which gives a comprehensive picture of what is happening on the website. You can even customize the overview page, by selecting the widgets you would like to see at a go.

Why Choose Customer Engage Pro than any other web analytics tools?

Customer Engage Pro is highly recommended for websites that are looking for data privacy and security. Also, CEP delivers the data that you own. Your data is in your control.

CEP gives an option to either host the analytics at your premises or remote host the application and use for internal purpose. Our dedicated support team shall help the in-house hosted/tenanted users.

How can we track multiple Websites, multiple subdomains in CustomerEngagePro?

The ‘All Websites’ dashboard is a useful first page to look at for a quick overview of the performance of all your websites over the last day or week. You can even make it your default page to load in Piwik (go to top menu Username > User settings). If you track more than 10 websites, the Website selector will display the first ten sites only, and show a search field where you can search quickly to look at another website.

Manage websites and mobile apps

You must be logged in to CEP as the registered user to add a second Website. Click on -> Administration to access the administration area, then click on the Websites tab. This page is used to create, update and delete websites.

Click on -> Add a new website to create a new site in CEP. The website form shows all the options you can specify like Name, URL , ecommerce, currency

To update a website, click on it, update one or several fields, and then press ->Save.

To delete a website,-> click on Delete at the right of the Websites screen. Please double check before deleting a website, since this operation cannot be reversed.

Auto Archieve the Reports - Enterprise Tenant

If your website has more than a few hundreds visits per day , waiting for CEP to process your data may take a few minutes. The best way to avoid these waiting times is to set up a cron job on your server so that your data is automatically processed every hour.

What will happen Javascript is disabled ? Can still track the information ?

CEP can handle eventhough Javascript is disabled. This can be achieved through zero pixel image track which will still holds good to capture the information. We may not get detailed info like browser engine and resolutions

How can we track Campaign hits

Example: If a visitor first visits ‘index?cep_campaign=Adwords-CPC’ then it will be counted as a campaign referrer named ‘Adwords-CPC’

You Can use the following campaign keys for your business  utm_campaign,utm_source,utm_medium,cep_cpn,cep_campaign,cep_campaign.

Can i add multiple websites and track them all at the same time?

Yes, you can add multiple websites on the CEP platform. You can track all the websites at a time. You just need to make sure the appropriate tracking code is added on the website.

Can i register myself, use and explore CEP?

We always welcome our customers to register, use and explore our platform. We would be glad to hear back from you. It would help us in adding additional functionalities to the platform and service our customers in the best way.

How can i register myself on CEP?

Registering with CEP is simple with 3 easy steps:

  • Click on Login/Register link on
  • Register yourself with basic details
  • Place the JS tracking code on your website
What can i do as a CEP administrator?
  • As a CEP administrator, you can do the following actions:
  1. Add a website
  2. User access Management
How many days does CEP store my website data?

For a online client on Trial, CEP stores the customer data for 6 months. For a paid client, CEP retains the customer data for 9 months. For scenarios where the CEP application is hosted on a client’s private network, CEP shall abide by the client’s need for data storage.

Does CEP send me a daily report to my e-mail address?

Yes, CEP triggers automated e-mails to all the admins/users on a daily basis. An admin can The reports shall give a complete data captured for all the websites as registered by Admin.

Can i configure the Overview page to see only the data that i would like to see?

Yes, the Overview page is customizable to suit the customer’s needs. You may choose the widgets and have them displayed on the overview page.

How does CEP define a Goal?

At CEP, Goal is defined as a target that you set to understand how your business is moving. It could also be a set of goals that could define your business direction. It is your strategy and priority. Some examples of Goal setting are: “New Sign-ups”, “Logged In Users”, “Newsletter Sign-ups”, “Product Sold”, “Brochure Downloads” etc., CEP does not restrict on number of goals, hence you can add as many goals as possible and effectively track them.

How do i track Goal Conversions in CEP?

Conversion tracking helps in a great way by helping you identify the business objectives, improving the processes, identify new objectives, segmenting and channelizing your customers, improve conversion rates and revenues. Triggering of goals can occur based on visits to a specific page on your webstore (Eg., Product Page/Checkout page etc., or actions on your store by a visitor (Sign-up/Brochure Download etc.,). Especially when running Marketing Campaigns, keeping track of Goals is very useful to measure performance of the campaigns and conversion rates.

What domains does CEP support?

CEP platform has been designed to support various client domains like E-commerce, E-real estate, Banking and FInancial Services, Online shopping, E-Learning, etc., It is designed to customize analytics for other sectors also like Industrial IoT and Healthcare domains.

What can i track for my Ecommerce Website?

CEP provides a huge aggregate data about your visitors. With CEP Analytics on E-commerce website, you can track your visitors, visitor locations, Visitors’ devices, Visit time, Visitors’ entire Journey including entry pages, exit pages and intermediate pages. You can also customize the goals and track conversions. It is a great way to keep track of your business and reach the target market quickly!

Which Ecommerce Platforms does CEP support?

CEP supports more than 30+ Integrations. Especially on the E-commerce domain it supports integration to Magento, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, OsCommerce, xt:Commerce, Oxid Sales, Open Cart, and Virtuemart.

How does CEP ensure privacy of my customer data?

CEP has been designed to handle the Customer Data securely. We boast of presenting an ideal Web Analytics Software that acknowledges User Privacy, thus setting distinguishing CEP from other commercial analytic tools.

We apply the following steps to ensure data privacy of your visitors:

  • Encrypt the User’s PII before storing in our Database. Your Visitor data is secure from any hacks or external intrusion.
  • Give the visitors an option to opt-out of tracking on your website. Visitors can opt-out of tracking with a single click.
  • Periodically delete your Visitor Record data
  • Respect “Do Not Track” Setting if the user has selected “Do Not Track” on his Web Browser.
What are External Links, Clicks and Distinct Clicks on CEP?

List of external URLs clicked by your visitors from your website pages are reported as “External Links” on CEP report. Any URL that does has a domain name other than the website being tracked will be recorded as “External Link”. For Eg: if a visitor lands from your website to “” website, then that click event will be recorded as “External Link”. For each “external Click” registered by CEP, it shall report number of clicks and number of distinct clicks. Distinct Clicks are the number of unique visitors who clicked on a given domain name and landed on that URL. Say, for Eg., a visitor clicked on the external URL 4 times, this will be reported as 4 clicks and 1 unique click. PS. CEP tracks only HTML links and not the JavaScript of flash links.

Does CEP track visitors who use JavaScript disabled browsers?

CEP tracks only those websites where Javascript is enabled. However, for JS disabled scenarios, CEP shall be able to give partial data like the pages visited, the external links etc., If you want to track visitors where the JS is disabled, you can reach CEP Support team at

Can i use Customer Engage Pro along with other analytic tools like Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics/Some other Private Analytics etc.,?

Yes you can use any combination of analytics along with CEP. However, the disadvantage is, it would add an additional load to the page, thereby increasing the page load time.

Which browsers does CEP support officially?

CEP officially supports any modern browser. You can use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Chromium, IE or others to view your reports and overview of your websites. Internet explorer is supported from version 8 and newer.

How can i find support from CEP?

We at CEP try to provide 100% support to all our customers. You can reach us at or

What is the Data Storage limit at CEP?

CEP Analytics Platform has been designed to store as much data as possible. We don’t restrict the data storage as we don’t believe in it. The only challenge on storing the data is the disk space that has been consumed for the storage.