Tracking the step-by-step activities of your customers as they use your mobile app or website enables you to gather important information about your online business. Enterprise web Analytics tools or a Web Analytics Software gives metrics that matters to the growth of businesses, and more importantly, help business decision makers make analytics data-driven decision on where to take the business next.

With customer’s private analytics, you’ll be able to understand the path each customer took to sign up, how long it took them to sign up, the pages they viewed, the type of device they used, and how they are using your product. Real-Time Web Analytics enables business managers to see their customer’s activities from pre to post purchase actions, this gives you the understanding of how each customer interacts on your business website. Companies using Enterprise analytics tools significantly have higher sales than their competitors, they achieve higher profitability, they are more likely to outperform their competitors on making sales to existing customers, and they are more likely to retain their customers.

Attributes of Customers Analytics from CustomerEngagePro

You’ll Know Where Your Customers Are Coming From Knowing the source that creates the best customers for your business is very powerful and useful information. With the Enterprise analytics tool of CustomerEngagePro, you have the luxury of knowing where your customers came from and the most popular and profitable channels. With CustomerEngagePro’s Private Analytics lets you understand how each customer and user interacted with your product and website. You can look at aggregate data, break it down to each person, and then work to improve your business.

Use Customer Analytics from Web Analytics Software to Optimize How Each

1. Customer Uses Your Product

When you know your customers, you can easily understand what you need to do to establish a better product or services. CustomerEngagePro Web Analytics Software is one tool that helps you to understand how people use your product or service. CustomerEngagePro integrates with several external tools to help you get a more concise understanding of your customers.

2. Customer Analytics is the Solution to Lead Generation

We want qualified leads that move effortlessly throughout the sales cycle. In most businesses, it’s a continuous process to generate interested customers to your product and services. However, it doesn’t always work out that way, the problem lies in preparation. Understanding who your customers are and, the things they like, will enable you to increase the conversions and sales of your products. By developing Analytics Data driven decision making, you can create effective, highly targeted marketing campaigns. CustomerEngagePro makes it easy to use web analytics software to do customer analysis.

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