CustomErengagepro Gives you a detailed visitor profile details like metrics, user behavior analyses and more.

Table of contents

  1. Launching the Visitor Profile
  2. Visitor Profile report
  3. Feature Overview
  4. Advanced Uses
  5. Summary

The Visitor Profile, introduced in CustomerEngagePro Analytics, helps you to understand your visitors’ individual behavior by summarizing and listing your visitors’ visits. Using the information displayed on the Visitor Profile, you’ll be able to better understand:

  • why your visitors viewed your website.
  • why your returning visitors continue to view your website.
  • what specific visitors are looking for and whether they found it on your website.


Launching the Visitor Profile

The Visitor Profile can be accessed through the Visitor Log (the Visitor Log can be accessed by navigating to Visitors > Visitor Log). When you hover over a visit a link will be displayed.

Visitor Profile report

The next image is an example of the Visitor Profile for a real visitor who visited CustomerEngagePro Analytics from Germany. He first visited CustomerEngagePro Analytics 343 days ago by searching “CustomerEngagePro Analytics” on Google. As shown in the report, the visitor spent a total of 7 min 36s on the website, and viewed 8 pages in 1 visits. He converted 4 Goals (Downloaded CustomerEngagePro Analyticsfour times). The page speed report shows each page took on average 0.93s to load for this visitor.

Feature Overview

 Most recent visit overview In the upper left corner of the popup the details of the latest visit are displayed. The information displayed on the left includes the latest visit’s:

  • IP address,
  • visitor ID,
  • browser,
  • and screen resolution.

The visitor’s provider name is displayed as a tool tip when hovering over the IP address. The visit’s installed plugins are displayed as a tool tip when hovering over the browser. On the right, the latest visit’s custom variables are displayed. Though this section will initially show the details of the most recent visit, it can also display the details of other visits.

Visitor visit summary

Below the most recent visit details section, is a summary of the visitor’s behavior on your website:  This summary is aggregated using at most the last 100 visits of a visitor’s visits. It displays:

  • the total amount of time the visitor spent on your website,
  • the total number of page views and visits,
  • the total conversions and the total conversions for each goal,
  • the total amount of money the visitor spent on your site,
  • the total amount of merchandise the visitor abandoned in his cart on your site,
  • the internal search keywords used by the visitor,
  • and the average amount of time it took your servers to generate a page for the visitor.


Visitor visit list:

On the right side of the visitor profile you can examine each of the visitor’s visits: There is no limit to the number of visits that you can load. The details of that visit will appear in the top left section of the popup.

Advanced Uses

Exporting visitor profile data The data displayed on the visitor profile can be exported to other formats, such as XML, JSON, CSV, etc. To export this data, first open the visitor profile for a visitor. Then hover over the visitor ID and click the export link that appears:

This will show you the data in XML format. If you’d like to change the format, locate the format=xml part of the URL and change it to the format you’re looking for (for example, format=csv).

Visitor navigation

You can also navigate within the visitor profile popup to older or more recent visitors. When you hover over the top left section of the popup, two arrows will appear:  Clicking on the left and right arrows will change the visitor to the next more recent/less recent visitor, respectively. You can also press the ‘left’ and ‘right’ arrow keys to change the visitor.

Visitor Profile dashboard widget

The visitor profile can be embedded as a dashboard widget:  Embed it by selecting Visitor profile under Live! in the widgets menu. Embedding the Visitor Profile outside of CustomerEngagePro Analytics You can also use the Widgetize plugin to embed the Visitor Profile outside of CustomerEngagePro Analytics. In order to do this, you need to generate a Widgetize link, and then point an Iframe to it. The quickest way to get this link would be to open the visitor profile for a visitor, then click on the visitor ID:  This will open a new window/tab with the visitor profile alone. The URL for this new page can be used to embed the Visitor Profile for that specific visitor.


The Visitor Profile is a powerful and innovative feature in CustomerEngagePro Analytics that lets you see the detailed view of a particular visitor. We hope you enjoy this unique report and that it helps you improve user experience on your website or app!

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