This on-Premise web analytics Tool you likely don’t know, that will make more productive

In any business, interpreting the consumer data and tracking statistics can be said to be one of the most pivotal reasons why the business will fail or succeed. All businesses (no matter how small or big they are) regularly take diligent expenses, upcoming orders, stock, tracking sales, so that they can analyze what is the current position of their business or where it is going and what changes they might need to implement. But, have you ever wondered why should an online business care about tracking these insights?

The success of your online business always depends upon the combination of effective marketing strategies, ideas & efforts and multiple traffic sources. At the moment, your business may be flying high, but where it is going? CustomerEngagePro Analytics software will be your bread and butter.

Whether your goal is to get users to change their behavior or to tailor the website to the user’s need, this allows you to optimize your online strategy and define future goals.

on-premise web analytics tool like CustomerEngagePro tracks website visitors and measures webtraffic.

CustomerEngagePro track conversions and know the traffic source:

To make your marketing campaigns more effective, you need to know how many visitors are converting to become customers and from there they are coming. By using the advanced analytics of CustomerEngagePro software you can easily track the number of visitors arriving at your site and you can also evaluate the conversion ratio of these visitors.

Fix Problems with your site before it’s too late:

According to a recent marketing survey, less than 1% of visitors will bother to inform you about a problem or issue they are facing using your website. It means that, rest of the customers will easily switch to select your competitor.

CustomerEngagePro Enterprise analytics tools will be your Customer experience analytics solution. It will enable you to improve the satisfaction of customers before it’s too late.

It Minimize bounce rate

When a visitor visits one page and then leaves without viewing any other pages or without taking any further action is known as a bounce. CustomerEngagePro Web analytics solutions not only enable you to check the bounce rate, but its enterprise analytics also helps web owners to improve their website user journey so they can lead more customers and generate more profits.

Know your visitor behavior:

When a visitor triggers your website, he can perform a number of activities. He can visit different pages, explore your entire site, make a purchase, or simply exit without doing anything. For a website owner, this information can be really important. The CustomerEngagePro On-Premise web analytics allows you to track visitor’s behaviors.

It lets you know which pages are performing well and which pages need improvement. This real-time insight also helps you to diminish your bounce rate, improve your content and increase your conversion rate.

Helps in Keyword optimization:

Keywords are important for each online business, blogs or website as they can drive web traffic, boost sales and increase conversion rate. Some keywords are based on single expression or word while some are long tail keywords.

With the help of CustomerEngagePro Lead generation analytics, you can easily determine which keywords are mostly used by visitors that lead them to your site. With this information, you can focus on targeting those keywords and drive more profits.

Maximize revenue with web analytics CustomerEngagePro tool:

When it comes to profit maximization, no one can overlook the importance of web analytics tools. Whether you need to increase your sale or want to drive a huge traffic on your website all you need the right use of web analytics tools and software.

An effective use of Web analytics solutions can be beneficial for your website and also helpful in driving more sales and profits. It’s an easy way to increase your ROI and get more business.

If you are not using open source Enterprise Analytics software then you’re running a blind business – not knowing whether you are going away from your goals or getting closer. Whether you own a blog or a large e-commerce store data-driven analytics is important for each online business.

It is a powerful tool that helps you to get rich insights, make informed decisions and increase your overall ROI.

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Open source enterprise Web Analytics tool – monitor visitors – optimize website

Over the years, educational administrators have been in the search for methods on how to improve the overall student learning ability. However, coming into the era of Data Analytics, Data-Driven Decision making process for Education have been used to counter this, as more students are being assigned more tough academic assignments in order for them to achieve academic excellence using Educational Data Analytics Technologies.

Web presence for any business has become a necessity in the connected world.  With Internet/Information Technology expanding to every possible domain has brought a huge difference in how trade and store transactions are conducted.

Web presence and Mobile App presence has been gaining traction in recent times.  In the wake of such a huge Internet explosion, This open source Enterprise web Analytics tool play a leading role in sustaining an online business.

10 crucial ways how CustomerEngagepro Web Analytics Solutions can help you in keeping your online business on the Growth Track:

Carefully target your website and mobile app visitors:

Understanding your visitors is the key. Where did your visitor land from? What is your visitor looking for? Which geographic area does the visitor belong to? This information shall lead you to designing an appropriate plan to enable the conversion.

CustomerEngagepro gives you the geographic location of the user, their entry and exit page data, real-time web analytics data etc., we assures you of 100% data ownership. You see the data that you own.

Self hosted web and mobile analytics capability from CustomerEngagepro Analytics tool gives you complete data protection, security and privacy.

Design the Content and User Experience:

Another factor for long term online business existence is relevant content and simpler design. While the attention span of a user is reducing day by day, engaging a visitor has become a challenging task.

Having a customer engaged to your website, increases the chance of conversion and sustainability. CustomerEngagePro has been designed to give you a one-on-one visitor report.

You will know the journey of each website visitor and shall help you to optimize the entire customer lifecycle on your website.

Mobile App Analytics:

While web app analytics has been in focus for quite sometime, the Mobile App analytics have gained prominence in the wake of Mobile Commerce explosion. Recent stats show that there was a three-fold increase in Mobile retail commerce revenue between 2013 and 2016 in the United States alone.

One can imagine the rate of growth when considered for the world. Mobile App analytics gives additional data on customer engagement, customer geolocation etc., CustomerEngagepro On-Premise Web Analytics Software gives you a comprehensive report on the Mobile App Analytics.

Integration Points:

Worried on how to track your websites that are built on multiple technologies or open source tools? CustomerEngagepro offers a complete worry-free solution. Its Plug-in developed exclusively for Magento, WordPress and many more, help you to easily plugin with CustomerEngagePro Analytics and start owning your visitor data.

Privacy, Transparency and Building Trust

Visitors trust the websites which upheld data protection and privacy. CustomerEngagepro has been carefully designed to abide by the Data Protection Act hailed by European Countries.

CustomerEngagepro believes in 100% data protection and privacy. Through CustomerEngagepro let your visitors know what data is collected, where the collected data could be used and also respect the “Do Not Track” preference of the visitor.

Data Driven Decision Making Process for business

CustomerEngagepro Analytics is devised to present you with insightful data which enables a business owner to make key business decisions. These insights let an online business to strategize, focus on a particular area of business, identify the data, and work out on the costs and efforts to reach the business targets.

Thus engaging the business with data driven decision making Process for business. CustomerEngagepro  Enterprise web Analytics tools help in unearthing deeper insights, predicting an engaged visitor’s behaviour or indicate recommendations to improve user experience.

Anticipate User behaviour:

Anticipating a visitor is quite a herculean task but not impossible. With the user’s entry, journey and exit pages data that CustomerEngagepro Analytics Software provides, it is possible to draw a user pattern and understand what a visitor is looking for. Predictive Analytics in ecommerce domain plays a major role in targeting the right visitors, re-engage them and enable conversions.

CustomerEngagePro’s open source web Analytics tool gives deeper insights to visitor journey and makes predictive analytics closer to reality. For any business consistent growth is the key to success. As mentioned above, Strategic planning, productive marketing campaigns, effective implementation, and constant goals tracking can improve conversions and put your business on growth track!

3 Hidden features you likely don’t know, that will make you more productive : CustomerEngagePro

When dealing with Sensitive data like Customer’s PII, it is very important on how we handle the Data Security. Is there a way we can prevent the data leakage? If yes, what is the best way to handle it?

While Cloud Infrastructure handles huge data, it is also vulnerable to the data breach that may occur. Hence, when a data is stored on Cloud it is essential to understand how the data is protected and how well the data has been secured. While encrypting the data and storing the same in Cloud is one option, but again the vulnerability is addressed only to some extent.

1. On-Premise Analytics:

Hosting the data in a private cloud or on-premise makes the best option to prevent any data loss and address the security part. CustomerEngagePro gives you solid analytics about your customer data and ensures 100% data security and privacy. It is completely integrable to a private cloud hosted on your network. Reach your customers with the best services and ensure their data is secure and kept private. Winning the trust of your customers is always the greatest asset of any business. With CustomerEngagePro, you can leverage the Private Analytics for all your Mobile Applications and Websites. It’s a single Dashboard Interface that helps you capture, analyze and utilize your customer data.

While On-Premise Analytics and Private Analytics give you a confidence on the data security and privacy, CustomerEngagePro’s Predictive Analytics gives you the greater advantage of reaching your customers even before they land on your website.

2. Visitor Profile/ID:

Most recent visit overview In the upper left corner of the popup the details of the latest visit are displayed. The information displayed on the left includes the latest visit’s:

  • IP address,
  • visitor ID,
  • browser,
  • and screen resolution.

The visitor’s provider name is displayed as a tool tip when hovering over the IP address. The visit’s installed plugins are displayed as a tool tip when hovering over the browser. On the right, the latest visit’s custom variables are displayed. Though this section will initially show the details of the most recent visit, it can also display the details of other visits.


Also See: How CustomerEngagePro’s Enterprise Analytics feature display your website visitor/customer’s FULL profile


View all visitor’s Profile from below:

View Individual Visitor Profile from below:

3. Predictive Analytics:

Predictive Analytics tool has played a major role in preventing Fraud and Risk associated with any business. However, we focus on the e-commerce sector, where our predictions are mainly into improving the sales in your business. All one has to do it just turn on the Predictive Model Switch at CustomerEngagePro. Now what does this switch do? It gives you options on what you want the visitor to be tracked for. Eg., Visitors click on Particular products, visitors cart abandonment, Offers, coupons etc., This would help the engine to fine tune itself towards the necessary requisites and help you predict the customer’s future behaviour.


CustomerEngagePro has been designed to include all the vital analytic elements necessary for a small business. Unlike its competitors, CustomerEngagePro helps you to build trust among your customers that their data is safe and secure with you.

Enterprise Analytics feature that display your website visitor/customer’s FULL profile

CustomErengagepro Gives you a detailed visitor profile details like metrics, user behavior analyses and more.

Table of contents

  1. Launching the Visitor Profile
  2. Visitor Profile report
  3. Feature Overview
  4. Advanced Uses
  5. Summary

The Visitor Profile, introduced in CustomerEngagePro Analytics, helps you to understand your visitors’ individual behavior by summarizing and listing your visitors’ visits. Using the information displayed on the Visitor Profile, you’ll be able to better understand:

  • why your visitors viewed your website.
  • why your returning visitors continue to view your website.
  • what specific visitors are looking for and whether they found it on your website.


Launching the Visitor Profile

The Visitor Profile can be accessed through the Visitor Log (the Visitor Log can be accessed by navigating to Visitors > Visitor Log). When you hover over a visit a link will be displayed.

Visitor Profile report

The next image is an example of the Visitor Profile for a real visitor who visited CustomerEngagePro Analytics from Germany. He first visited CustomerEngagePro Analytics 343 days ago by searching “CustomerEngagePro Analytics” on Google. As shown in the report, the visitor spent a total of 7 min 36s on the website, and viewed 8 pages in 1 visits. He converted 4 Goals (Downloaded CustomerEngagePro Analyticsfour times). The page speed report shows each page took on average 0.93s to load for this visitor.

Feature Overview

 Most recent visit overview In the upper left corner of the popup the details of the latest visit are displayed. The information displayed on the left includes the latest visit’s:

  • IP address,
  • visitor ID,
  • browser,
  • and screen resolution.

The visitor’s provider name is displayed as a tool tip when hovering over the IP address. The visit’s installed plugins are displayed as a tool tip when hovering over the browser. On the right, the latest visit’s custom variables are displayed. Though this section will initially show the details of the most recent visit, it can also display the details of other visits.

Visitor visit summary

Below the most recent visit details section, is a summary of the visitor’s behavior on your website:  This summary is aggregated using at most the last 100 visits of a visitor’s visits. It displays:

  • the total amount of time the visitor spent on your website,
  • the total number of page views and visits,
  • the total conversions and the total conversions for each goal,
  • the total amount of money the visitor spent on your site,
  • the total amount of merchandise the visitor abandoned in his cart on your site,
  • the internal search keywords used by the visitor,
  • and the average amount of time it took your servers to generate a page for the visitor.


Visitor visit list:

On the right side of the visitor profile you can examine each of the visitor’s visits: There is no limit to the number of visits that you can load. The details of that visit will appear in the top left section of the popup.

Advanced Uses

Exporting visitor profile data The data displayed on the visitor profile can be exported to other formats, such as XML, JSON, CSV, etc. To export this data, first open the visitor profile for a visitor. Then hover over the visitor ID and click the export link that appears:

This will show you the data in XML format. If you’d like to change the format, locate the format=xml part of the URL and change it to the format you’re looking for (for example, format=csv).

Visitor navigation

You can also navigate within the visitor profile popup to older or more recent visitors. When you hover over the top left section of the popup, two arrows will appear:  Clicking on the left and right arrows will change the visitor to the next more recent/less recent visitor, respectively. You can also press the ‘left’ and ‘right’ arrow keys to change the visitor.

Visitor Profile dashboard widget

The visitor profile can be embedded as a dashboard widget:  Embed it by selecting Visitor profile under Live! in the widgets menu. Embedding the Visitor Profile outside of CustomerEngagePro Analytics You can also use the Widgetize plugin to embed the Visitor Profile outside of CustomerEngagePro Analytics. In order to do this, you need to generate a Widgetize link, and then point an Iframe to it. The quickest way to get this link would be to open the visitor profile for a visitor, then click on the visitor ID:  This will open a new window/tab with the visitor profile alone. The URL for this new page can be used to embed the Visitor Profile for that specific visitor.


The Visitor Profile is a powerful and innovative feature in CustomerEngagePro Analytics that lets you see the detailed view of a particular visitor. We hope you enjoy this unique report and that it helps you improve user experience on your website or app!

The role of Digital Analytics in Ecommerce with Actionable Insights

Digital analytics tools like CustomerEngagePro tracks website visitors and measures web traffic. Marketers, web developers, and analysts use digital analytics suites to report on the effectiveness and popularity of web experiences and to determine how visitors are finding and interacting with their sites. Today Data plays a very important role in any business-online/offline. The way a business unit processes its data and uses it, decides the growth or fall of that business.

With many businesses establishing online presence, Digital Analytics tools have secured a prominent place among several IT solutions. Right from knowing the website visitors to the internal usage of Enterprise Softwares, a well architected analysis gives a complete picture of a business.

As a business owner, when you run any Analytics on your website, you will know that a good number of visitors have arrived on your website and left. However, there is a curiosity to understand why the visitors came in, what they were actually looking for, why they left the website. The sample data that you get from your analytics tools, keeps your questions open.

With CustomerEngagePro Digital Analytics tool is a trusted, advanced mobile and web analytics platform. would like to bring a clear picture before our client on what is actually happening with the visitors. Where the visitors come from? What page they land on your website? What they are actually looking for? What was the visitor journey? Where they left the website etc., CustomerEngagePro gives answers to all these questions by tracking a user 1:1 and helping the business owner understand each and every visitor of their website. This helps the business owner to Optimize the entire customer lifecycle and Engaging the Business with Data-driven decision making process for business tool. Now understand the visitor/customer insights with web analytics. Strategically target the right audience and use CustomerEngagePro as a Goals event tracking web analytics Tool.

This CustomerEngagePro web analytics platform can be a marketer’s go-to source to mine, analyze and get insights from your web analytics. CustomerEngagePro has been designed for On-Premise analytics that can be self-hosted analytics solution for Ecommerce websites. It can also be used as an Intranet web analytics software to track the enterprise’s software usage, internal website usage and tracking. It is a self-hosted analytics solution designed for small businesses. Though your employees or customers don’t tell you exactly what they are looking for, CustomerEngagePro insights help you understand customers behavior.

With CustomerEngagePro open source Enterprise Analytics tools give you complete data ownership and privacy. The Digital analytics software ensure that your visitor data is within the confines of your enterprise network. This make your retargeting and re-marketing efforts 100% worthy. Integrate CustomerEngagePro with any website for that matter and start getting your customer or visitor insights.

The Solution is also integrable to any remarketing engine and add value to your business. CustomerEngagePro passes on the Visitor data, visitor details, visitor journey etc., and your remarketing engine can pick up the data to run necessary marketing campaigns to your visitors, re-engage them and increase goal conversion.

Data-driven decision making process for education gives you a foolproof evidence of how your business moves ahead. It encourages you to trust the data more than on relying on emotions and gut feeling about your goal tracking or conversions. With CustomerEngagePro, data attributes are interpreted to give an insightful view of your visitor or customer journey. This helps you to focus more in an area which is most sought after by your visitors, thus increasing the probability of improving sales or customer service or goal of your business.

Understand, Interpret and convert the visitors, is the direction that CustomerEngagePro gives its clients. The referrer website gives the exact information on what the visitor was actually searching for. Visitor’s landing information helps us predict if we are able to fetch the user, what he is looking for? Visitors’ journey helps us evaluate which products he is interested in and what are the features/services he is looking for? Now with this information on hand, can a business owner re-engage the customer? It Is a 100% yes! It is definitely possible only when we know the customer’s contact details.  CustomerEngagePro does a wonderful job in this area of capturing the visitor details. CustomerEngagePro has been designed to carefully track the visitor and capture the contact information to communicate to the Website owner. Even if the form submission fails sometimes, CustomerEngagePro shall capture the data, encrypt and store it in the database.

Open Source Enterprise Web Analytics tool with data privacy | data protection Platform

With the birth of internet, we spend so much time online that access to our Internet activity logs such as searches on the internet, websites, and visited web pages can potentially reveal a lot of our personal data including our work. With the CustomerEngagePro  open source On-Premise analytics software, you get 100% data ownership, and we understand the importance of your data privacy and security, which is why we have put together one of the best web analytics solutions that guarantees data security and clients privacy.

Businesses, no matter the industry, gather volumes of data from their Web channels, however they are often faced with the challenge of generating business value from all of the data. To make informed business decisions, you must be able to efficiently convert the volume and variety of raw Web data into knowledge. The way businesses make use of this raw web data determines the progress of the business. This is why data-driven decision making in business is important to the success of any business. Privacy on the internet is a major concern for many users, as well as webmasters and digital companies today.

CustomerEngagePro is a open source web analytics software ensures the privacy of your users and analytics data. When making use of CustomerEngagePro predictive web analytics software, you keep control of your data, which means 100% data ownership is guaranteed by CustomerEngagePro analytics tool.

When you use other web analytics tool, your web analytics data is tracked, stored and owned by the company providing you with the analytics service. While this analytics services providers offers an excellent service, they also make use of the visitor log data that was tracked on your website to enrich existing profiles for a given user or IP address.

Privacy is becoming increasingly important to us as we spend more of our lives connected on the internet, and at the same time, we are concerned about where and how our private information is being used.  We all understand the implications and challenges of exposing so much personal information on the internet. Hence Intranet Analytics have an edge where customer’s PII data is captured. 

CustomerEngagePro is the leading open source enterprise analytics software, that complies to your privacy needs, enterprise analytics, and web analytics solution platform, a building block of the free and open Internet. Utilizing our Advanced Web Analytics, you will ensure that all of your valuable information is private and owned by only you, and that your website respects the privacy of your visitors.

CustomerEngagePro is an Open source Web Analytics tools turns your Web data into valuable business strategies. It offers data driven analytics solution that lets you observe the key performance indicators of your website and help you to understand the factors that influence each business metric. Equipped with this metric, letting you to successfully refine your marketing and service strategies to achieve your business goals.

Data-Driven Decision Making – Education | School

Using Data Analytics in School Improvement has proven that data-driven decision making in education can improve student learning with the right Educational Data Analytics Technologies. As a result, the approach of data-driven decision making for school has steadily gained credence, and it has become vital for classroom teachers and educational administrator to understand the importance of Data Driven Decision Making as a powerful tool for school improvement.

Data-driven decision making in education improvement refers to the means educators appraise assessment data to analyse the strengths of student as well as their defects and applying the generated data into their practice. This process of critically examining curriculum and instructional practices relative to students’ actual performance on standardised tests and other assessments yields information that will assist teachers in making a more correct instructional decisions.

A Systematic Strategy

Utilizing the data driven decision in Education to instructional decision making requires us to consider a different instructional and assessment strategies in an efficient manner.The idea of Data-driven decision making for School has been in existence before now, however,classroom teachers need some practice to effectively blend in analytics data into instruction.

Understanding How to Look at the Data

Education administrators can efficiently use student assessment data to guide the development of strategies for either individuals or group interventions. No matter the aim and purpose of the decision-making process, it is quite imperative to observe some cautions and advice before analysing the results of standardized tests.

Educational Data Analytics Technologies

While in time past School Education System have been collecting student data, it is only recently that educational administrators have discovered the power of Data-driven decision making in education can improve student learning. Many educators have used the data collected from different standardized Data Analytics tests that students take in order to boost the quality of teaching, improve curricula as well as share best practices between schools and districts.

It has been proven that the possibility of students attaining the desired learning outcome increases if curricula is planned based on data gathered from assessments. While Educational Data Analytics Technologies can be a huge component of improving student learning, however, educational administrators and teachers do with the collected data is what truly makes the difference.

Why Data-Driven Decision Making process Matters to Profit Maximization

The efficient use of Enterprise web analytics solutions can be beneficial for your website and also helpful in driving more sales and profits. With the importance of data in driving more business sales and generating leads, it is now imperative for business owners to understand how to maximize revenue with web analytics. It’s an easy way to increase ROI and get more business. CustomerEngagePro Web analytics plays a major role in data-driven decision making in education system for profit optimization.

If you want to maximize revenue with web analytics, you have to resolve to use data-driven decision making process. Without genuine visitor’s data, there is no way of knowing when things are getting worse and needs improvement or when they are going just fine. Every good business manager understands that data helps in reducing the liability of a company and as such should be taken seriously if they wish to maximize their profit.

Data-driven decision making process is a powerful tool for your business in becoming an industry leader, however, before going into streaming Analytics, determine the questions you want answered. After which you will allow data to change the way you enhance your visitors’ experience, and discover new ways of enhancing company-wide profits and efficiencies.

Monitors Visitor’s Activities

The CustomerEngagePro streaming Analytics tool assist in tracking of your website visitor’s behaviours, and tells you the page(s) that is doing well and those that needs improvement. This increases the rate of conversion of your website and improves your websites’ content.

Reduction in Bounce Rate

CustomerEngagePro on-premise web analytics will help web owners to check their website’s bounce rate as well as assist in improving their site visitor’s activities so they can Drive Customer Engagement with web Analytics and generate more profits.

Data-driven decision making used to anticipate product demands

Data can be used to analyse and predict the success of a new product and analyse the current position of the business on the market. Organisation’s top executives and sales managers may look at the reasons behind the trends and patterns they detect from the collected data. Based on data, it is easy to see what effort worked and what failed. Top business management executives of any business uses Data driven decision to build business models, make predictions and define trends, and also look into failures in a more detailed manner.

Data-driven decision making process in education used to avoid product cannibalism

When launching a new product, data can be used to predict the effectiveness of the product as well as eliminating the possibility of cannibalizing the previous model of such as product. Hence, Data allows business owners and managers to predict how one product influences the profitability of another product.

The profitability and progress of a business depends on how effectively they analyse data to make intelligent business decisions. Information coupled with intuition and experience, differentiate the success of one business from the next, and takes it to the forefront of success in its respective niche.

CustomerEngagePro Analytics tool to Identify Critical Behaviors in Converting Prospects into Leads

Running an On-Premise web analytics or Advanced Analytics is important as it helps to continuously monitor website leads and past customers when they execute actions such as making a purchase, or filling out of lead forms. Beside leads and customers, there are some other segments of website’s visitors that are not likely to become possible prospects, therefore, the first step in tracking prospects is knowing who is and who is not a prospect. In creating consumer segmentations, it is much easier to analyse customer behaviours and lead behaviours, as these users have essentially taken important steps such as filling out forms and making purchases.

The first step in figuring out how to improve conversions is by gathering consumers’ feedback and analysis. This is because data-driven decision making process for business  is extremely effective in optimizing the entire customer lifecycle on your website.

The idea of using CustomerEngagePro on-premise analytics has become important in business, for making better business decisions and for winning in the market.  It happens only when the business owners and managers are continually making informed decision rather than making decision based on experience and intuition. A websites’ user that views about five pages in the job section of a website and never views a product page is not likely to become a real prospect to purchase a product. In CustomerEngagePro Enterprise Analytics you understand your customer’s engagement with your website and how they interact with your products, which enables you to know if a particular prospect can convert to lead.

While it is very difficult to know who is visiting your business website to execute product research before they are known leads, CustomerEngagePro Web analytics tool enables website owners to understand how this large unknown segment of users consume content and utilize the website tools. CustomerEngagePro provides clients a concise understanding of prospects by gathering their visitor’s data and understanding their behaviours to know how to convert this prospects to leads. CustomerEngagePro is a private analytics software, therefore, you have 100% data ownership by CustomerEngagePro Analytics tool guaranteed when you use our software.

With correct audience behaviour data on the number of prospects visiting your website, you can start to grasp how much of your site needs to be focused on product research and product education and to determine how to nurture leads and sales assistance. While most uninformed websites owners are highly focused on lead generation, businesses that understand the need of prospective customers to execute due diligence research before converting to a lead will perform better in turning their prospects into leads and customers.

Advanced – Predictive Analytics for Banking & Financial Services

In the present day of connected experiences, where banking and financial consumer interactions are exponentially on the rise, the sector need a proper understanding of each consumer need in order to create a more personalized customer experience if they want to stay ahead of the competitive market. Predictive web analytics allows banking and financial services institutions to understand the needs of their customers’ better and to provide a more personalized customer experiences throughout the complete customers’ journey. With its huge customer data and directories of transactions, the banking and financial services industry are endowed with potential for the application of predictive analytics.

With predictive analytics tools, banks and financial services providers are better positioned of knowing their customers, cater for their customers, as well as reward their consumer, learning from their previous experiences with customers and predicting their future behaviour. Banks have great data but if they want to compete in the digital age they need to get more strategic and more professional about how they use it. Advance, predictive analytics can improve the customer experience throughout the digital journey of a consumer, adding value for both the customer and the bank.

Predictive analytics is a futuristic perspective, moving the view from an historical orientation to exploration of what will possibly happen in the future. The primary objective of predictive analytics is not only about describing and understanding the past, but to also the possibility of future happenings within a given time frame. Customers of Banks and financial services expect these organizations possess accurate data with the ability to provide them with proactive, recommendations and personalized insights that will help them in making more money, as well as saving same and improving their general daily life. The foundation for these interactions are provided in Predictive analytics.

Predictive Analytics for Banking Services

The for banks to adopt advanced analytics tools has become paramount as there are so many section in banking services that these data can enhance its productivity. Equipped with data from advanced web analytics, banks can carry out regulatory reform, effective risk management, and they can as well carry out a change in business models. Banks can also expand into new markets, as well as renew their focus on the profitability of their customers with the help of predictive analytics.

Predictive Analytics for Financial Services

Applying Advanced Analytics tool, Financial services organizations that are seeking in-depth insights on how to solve critical business problems, risk reduction as well as increasing the overall growth of the business, they can leverage the data to establish a more robust marketing strategy and make proactive business decisions that will yield desired result. It is time for banks and financial services providers to incorporate the power of Advanced, Predictive Analytics tools  in providing personalized and differentiated customer experience to every one of their customers.

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