Running an On-Premise web analytics or Advanced Analytics is important as it helps to continuously monitor website leads and past customers when they execute actions such as making a purchase, or filling out of lead forms. Beside leads and customers, there are some other segments of website’s visitors that are not likely to become possible prospects, therefore, the first step in tracking prospects is knowing who is and who is not a prospect. In creating consumer segmentations, it is much easier to analyse customer behaviours and lead behaviours, as these users have essentially taken important steps such as filling out forms and making purchases.

The first step in figuring out how to improve conversions is by gathering consumers’ feedback and analysis. This is because data-driven decision making process for business  is extremely effective in optimizing the entire customer lifecycle on your website.

The idea of using CustomerEngagePro on-premise analytics has become important in business, for making better business decisions and for winning in the market.  It happens only when the business owners and managers are continually making informed decision rather than making decision based on experience and intuition. A websites’ user that views about five pages in the job section of a website and never views a product page is not likely to become a real prospect to purchase a product. In CustomerEngagePro Enterprise Analytics you understand your customer’s engagement with your website and how they interact with your products, which enables you to know if a particular prospect can convert to lead.

While it is very difficult to know who is visiting your business website to execute product research before they are known leads, CustomerEngagePro Web analytics tool enables website owners to understand how this large unknown segment of users consume content and utilize the website tools. CustomerEngagePro provides clients a concise understanding of prospects by gathering their visitor’s data and understanding their behaviours to know how to convert this prospects to leads. CustomerEngagePro is a private analytics software, therefore, you have 100% data ownership by CustomerEngagePro Analytics tool guaranteed when you use our software.

With correct audience behaviour data on the number of prospects visiting your website, you can start to grasp how much of your site needs to be focused on product research and product education and to determine how to nurture leads and sales assistance. While most uninformed websites owners are highly focused on lead generation, businesses that understand the need of prospective customers to execute due diligence research before converting to a lead will perform better in turning their prospects into leads and customers.