To stay ahead of the competition, you must have access to your visitor’s data and should be able to react to the changing trends as soon they changes, if you don’t want to miss out on any possible business opportunities. Integrating CustomerEngagePro on-premise analytics tools with any website makes remarketing and retargeting effort completely worthy and increases the chances of obtaining your visitors and customers’ information. 

CustomerEngagePro strong stance on user privacy and ownership of data is just one of the many reasons why business establishments and companies around the world are turning away from SaaS based analytics solution providers to CustomerEngagePro Real-Time Analytics solution.

One of CustomerEngagePro many advantages is the fact that it’s a self-hosted platform. This provides companies and enterprises of all sizes with great advantages that are not provided by many other advanced web analytics online tools. Another advantage provided by CustomerEngagePro on premise web analytics is the protection of the users’ information. The visitor’s data is saved on your company’s infrastructure, preventing it from being shared with 3rd parties.

With the help of CustomerEngagePro Advanced Web Analytics solutions managers can view the effect of their decisions on the business’s goals and improve both decision models and business processes.

CustomerEngagePro Advanced Web Analytics Solutions allows business managers to put visitor’s data into action in leveraging the strength of Advanced Web Analytics technology.

CustomerEngagePro offers business with better flexibility as they are able to collect and store their customers’ personally identifiable information and other sensitive data and information that cannot be stored outside of a company’s infrastructure.

As CustomerEngagePro is stored on your business infrastructure, you have 100% data ownership and you have the control over who has access to it.

This Real-Time Analytics solutions from CustomerEngagePro, offers a flexible solution that incorporates a range of analytical capabilities coupled with digital profiles of customers which gives business decision makers an edge in taking steps towards achieving their business goals and achievements.

CustomerEngagePro Analytics provides you what other web analytics providers does not which is the full control of your data ownership and privacy.

The on-premise web analytics solutions from CustomerEngagePro make sure that the data of your visitor is kept within the confines of your business enterprise network.

With CustomerEngagePro Analytics platform, clients will be able to understand, interpret and convert the activities of their visitors towards lead generation and enhances your websites’ conversion optimization.

With CustomerEngagePro on-premise Analytics tools, customers’ data features are interpreted to provide an in-depth view of your website visitor or customer activities on your website. Equipped with your audience behavior, thus increasing the chances of improving sales and enhancing your business revenues.

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