This on-Premise web analytics Tool you likely don’t know, that will make more productive

CustomerEngagePro Analytics tool to Identify Critical Behaviors in Converting Prospects into Leads

Running an On-Premise web analytics or Advanced Analytics is important as it helps to continuously monitor website leads and past customers when they execute actions such as making a purchase, or filling out of lead forms. Beside leads and customers, there are some other segments of website’s visitors that are not likely to become possible prospects, therefore, the first step in tracking prospects is knowing who is and who is not a prospect. In creating consumer segmentations, it is much easier to analyse customer behaviours and lead behaviours, as these users have essentially taken important steps such as filling out forms and making purchases.

The first step in figuring out how to improve conversions is by gathering consumers’ feedback and analysis. This is because data-driven decision making process for business  is extremely effective in optimizing the entire customer lifecycle on your website.

The idea of using CustomerEngagePro on-premise analytics has become important in business, for making better business decisions and for winning in the market.  It happens only when the business owners and managers are continually making informed decision rather than making decision based on experience and intuition. A websites’ user that views about five pages in the job section of a website and never views a product page is not likely to become a real prospect to purchase a product. In CustomerEngagePro Enterprise Analytics you understand your customer’s engagement with your website and how they interact with your products, which enables you to know if a particular prospect can convert to lead.

While it is very difficult to know who is visiting your business website to execute product research before they are known leads, CustomerEngagePro Web analytics tool enables website owners to understand how this large unknown segment of users consume content and utilize the website tools. CustomerEngagePro provides clients a concise understanding of prospects by gathering their visitor’s data and understanding their behaviours to know how to convert this prospects to leads. CustomerEngagePro is a private analytics software, therefore, you have 100% data ownership by CustomerEngagePro Analytics tool guaranteed when you use our software.

With correct audience behaviour data on the number of prospects visiting your website, you can start to grasp how much of your site needs to be focused on product research and product education and to determine how to nurture leads and sales assistance. While most uninformed websites owners are highly focused on lead generation, businesses that understand the need of prospective customers to execute due diligence research before converting to a lead will perform better in turning their prospects into leads and customers.

Advanced – On Premise Web analytics platform for 100% data ownership

To stay ahead of the competition, you must have access to your visitor’s data and should be able to react to the changing trends as soon they changes, if you don’t want to miss out on any possible business opportunities. Integrating CustomerEngagePro on-premise analytics tools with any website makes remarketing and retargeting effort completely worthy and increases the chances of obtaining your visitors and customers’ information. 

CustomerEngagePro strong stance on user privacy and ownership of data is just one of the many reasons why business establishments and companies around the world are turning away from SaaS based analytics solution providers to CustomerEngagePro Real-Time Analytics solution.

One of CustomerEngagePro many advantages is the fact that it’s a self-hosted platform. This provides companies and enterprises of all sizes with great advantages that are not provided by many other advanced web analytics online tools. Another advantage provided by CustomerEngagePro on premise web analytics is the protection of the users’ information. The visitor’s data is saved on your company’s infrastructure, preventing it from being shared with 3rd parties.

With the help of CustomerEngagePro Advanced Web Analytics solutions managers can view the effect of their decisions on the business’s goals and improve both decision models and business processes.

CustomerEngagePro Advanced Web Analytics Solutions allows business managers to put visitor’s data into action in leveraging the strength of Advanced Web Analytics technology.

CustomerEngagePro offers business with better flexibility as they are able to collect and store their customers’ personally identifiable information and other sensitive data and information that cannot be stored outside of a company’s infrastructure.

As CustomerEngagePro is stored on your business infrastructure, you have 100% data ownership and you have the control over who has access to it.

This Real-Time Analytics solutions from CustomerEngagePro, offers a flexible solution that incorporates a range of analytical capabilities coupled with digital profiles of customers which gives business decision makers an edge in taking steps towards achieving their business goals and achievements.

CustomerEngagePro Analytics provides you what other web analytics providers does not which is the full control of your data ownership and privacy.

The on-premise web analytics solutions from CustomerEngagePro make sure that the data of your visitor is kept within the confines of your business enterprise network.

With CustomerEngagePro Analytics platform, clients will be able to understand, interpret and convert the activities of their visitors towards lead generation and enhances your websites’ conversion optimization.

With CustomerEngagePro on-premise Analytics tools, customers’ data features are interpreted to provide an in-depth view of your website visitor or customer activities on your website. Equipped with your audience behavior, thus increasing the chances of improving sales and enhancing your business revenues.

End-to-end Analytics platform for web, mobile applications | CustomerEngagePro Analytics

With the arrival of computers, Information Revolution has occurred in a magnificent way. With new technologies pitching in, there is a tremendous change in how the computers process the data and produce information.  Today Data plays a very important role in any business-online/offline. The way a business unit processes its data and uses it, decides the growth or fall of that business.

With many businesses establishing online presence, Web Analytics has secured a prominent place among several IT solutions. Right from knowing the website visitors to the internal usage of Enterprise Softwares, a well architected analysis gives a complete picture of a business. As a business owner, when you run any Analytics on your website, you will know that a good number of visitors have arrived on your website and left. However, there is a curiosity to understand why the visitors came in, what they were actually looking for, why they left the website. The sample data that you get from your analytics tools, keeps your questions open.

With CustomerEngagePro Analytics, we would like to bring a clear picture before our client on what is actually happening with the visitors. Where the visitors come from? What page they land on your website? What they are actually looking for? What was the visitor journey? Where they left the website etc., CustomerEngagePro gives answers to all these questions by tracking a user 1:1 and helping the business owner understand each and every visitor of their website. This helps the business owner to Optimize the entire customer lifecycle and Engaging the Business with Data-Driven Decision Making process. Now understand the visitor/customer insights with web analytics. Strategically target the right audience  and use CustomerEngagePro as a Goals event tracking web analytics Tool.

CustomerEngagePro Analytics has been designed for On-Premise analytics that can be self hosted analytics solution for Enterprises. It can also be used as an open source web analytics software to track the enterprise’s software usage, internal website usage and tracking. It is a self hosted analytics solutions designed for small businesses. Though your employees or customers don’t tell you exactly what they are looking for, CustomerEngagePro insights help you understand each user.

With CustomerEngagePro analytics give you complete data ownership and privacy. open source on-premise web analytics solutions ensures that your visitor data is within the confines of your enterprise network. This make your retargeting and re-marketing efforts 100% worthy. Integrate CustomerEngagePro with any website for that matter and start getting your customer or visitor insights.

The Solution is also integrable to any remarketing engine and add value to your business. CustomerEngagePro passes on the Visitor data, visitor details, visitor journey etc., and your remarketing engine can pick up the data to run necessary marketing campaigns to your visitors, re-engage them and increase goal conversion.

Data driven decision making process gives you a foolproof evidence of how your business moves ahead . It encourages you to trust the data more than on relying on emotions and gut feeling about your goal tracking or conversions. With CustomerEngagePro Analytics, data attributes are interpreted to give an insightful view of your visitor or customer journey. This helps you to focus more in an area which is most sought after by your visitors, thus increasing the probability of improving sales or customer service or goal of your business.

Understand, Interpret and convert the visitors, is the direction that CustomerEngagePro gives its clients. The referrer website gives the exact information on what the visitor was actually searching for. Visitor’s landing information helps us predict if we are able to fetch the user, what he is looking for? Visitors’ journey helps us evaluate which products he is interested in and what are the features/services he is looking for? Now with this information on hand, can a business owner re-engage the customer? It Is a 100% yes! It is definitely possible only when we know the customer’s contact details. CustomerEngagePro does a wonderful job in this area of capturing the visitor details. CustomerEngagePro has been designed to carefully track the visitor and capture the contact information to communicate to the Website owner. Even if the form submission fails sometimes, CustomerEngagePro shall capture the data, encrypt and store it in the database.

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