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Over the years, educational administrators have been in the search for methods on how to improve the overall student learning ability. However, coming into the era of Data Analytics, Data-Driven Decision making process for Education have been used to counter this, as more students are being assigned more tough academic assignments in order for them to achieve academic excellence using Educational Data Analytics Technologies.

Web presence for any business has become a necessity in the connected world.  With Internet/Information Technology expanding to every possible domain has brought a huge difference in how trade and store transactions are conducted.

Web presence and Mobile App presence has been gaining traction in recent times.  In the wake of such a huge Internet explosion, This open source Enterprise web Analytics tool play a leading role in sustaining an online business.

10 crucial ways how CustomerEngagepro Web Analytics Solutions can help you in keeping your online business on the Growth Track:

Carefully target your website and mobile app visitors:

Understanding your visitors is the key. Where did your visitor land from? What is your visitor looking for? Which geographic area does the visitor belong to? This information shall lead you to designing an appropriate plan to enable the conversion.

CustomerEngagepro gives you the geographic location of the user, their entry and exit page data, real-time web analytics data etc., we assures you of 100% data ownership. You see the data that you own.

Self hosted web and mobile analytics capability from CustomerEngagepro Analytics tool gives you complete data protection, security and privacy.

Design the Content and User Experience:

Another factor for long term online business existence is relevant content and simpler design. While the attention span of a user is reducing day by day, engaging a visitor has become a challenging task.

Having a customer engaged to your website, increases the chance of conversion and sustainability. CustomerEngagePro has been designed to give you a one-on-one visitor report.

You will know the journey of each website visitor and shall help you to optimize the entire customer lifecycle on your website.

Mobile App Analytics:

While web app analytics has been in focus for quite sometime, the Mobile App analytics have gained prominence in the wake of Mobile Commerce explosion. Recent stats show that there was a three-fold increase in Mobile retail commerce revenue between 2013 and 2016 in the United States alone.

One can imagine the rate of growth when considered for the world. Mobile App analytics gives additional data on customer engagement, customer geolocation etc., CustomerEngagepro On-Premise Web Analytics Software gives you a comprehensive report on the Mobile App Analytics.

Integration Points:

Worried on how to track your websites that are built on multiple technologies or open source tools? CustomerEngagepro offers a complete worry-free solution. Its Plug-in developed exclusively for Magento, WordPress and many more, help you to easily plugin with CustomerEngagePro Analytics and start owning your visitor data.

Privacy, Transparency and Building Trust

Visitors trust the websites which upheld data protection and privacy. CustomerEngagepro has been carefully designed to abide by the Data Protection Act hailed by European Countries.

CustomerEngagepro believes in 100% data protection and privacy. Through CustomerEngagepro let your visitors know what data is collected, where the collected data could be used and also respect the “Do Not Track” preference of the visitor.

Data Driven Decision Making Process for business

CustomerEngagepro Analytics is devised to present you with insightful data which enables a business owner to make key business decisions. These insights let an online business to strategize, focus on a particular area of business, identify the data, and work out on the costs and efforts to reach the business targets.

Thus engaging the business with data driven decision making Process for business. CustomerEngagepro  Enterprise web Analytics tools help in unearthing deeper insights, predicting an engaged visitor’s behaviour or indicate recommendations to improve user experience.

Anticipate User behaviour:

Anticipating a visitor is quite a herculean task but not impossible. With the user’s entry, journey and exit pages data that CustomerEngagepro Analytics Software provides, it is possible to draw a user pattern and understand what a visitor is looking for. Predictive Analytics in ecommerce domain plays a major role in targeting the right visitors, re-engage them and enable conversions.

CustomerEngagePro’s open source web Analytics tool gives deeper insights to visitor journey and makes predictive analytics closer to reality. For any business consistent growth is the key to success. As mentioned above, Strategic planning, productive marketing campaigns, effective implementation, and constant goals tracking can improve conversions and put your business on growth track!

3 Hidden features you likely don’t know, that will make you more productive : CustomerEngagePro

When dealing with Sensitive data like Customer’s PII, it is very important on how we handle the Data Security. Is there a way we can prevent the data leakage? If yes, what is the best way to handle it?

While Cloud Infrastructure handles huge data, it is also vulnerable to the data breach that may occur. Hence, when a data is stored on Cloud it is essential to understand how the data is protected and how well the data has been secured. While encrypting the data and storing the same in Cloud is one option, but again the vulnerability is addressed only to some extent.

1. On-Premise Analytics:

Hosting the data in a private cloud or on-premise makes the best option to prevent any data loss and address the security part. CustomerEngagePro gives you solid analytics about your customer data and ensures 100% data security and privacy. It is completely integrable to a private cloud hosted on your network. Reach your customers with the best services and ensure their data is secure and kept private. Winning the trust of your customers is always the greatest asset of any business. With CustomerEngagePro, you can leverage the Private Analytics for all your Mobile Applications and Websites. It’s a single Dashboard Interface that helps you capture, analyze and utilize your customer data.

While On-Premise Analytics and Private Analytics give you a confidence on the data security and privacy, CustomerEngagePro’s Predictive Analytics gives you the greater advantage of reaching your customers even before they land on your website.

2. Visitor Profile/ID:

Most recent visit overview In the upper left corner of the popup the details of the latest visit are displayed. The information displayed on the left includes the latest visit’s:

  • IP address,
  • visitor ID,
  • browser,
  • and screen resolution.

The visitor’s provider name is displayed as a tool tip when hovering over the IP address. The visit’s installed plugins are displayed as a tool tip when hovering over the browser. On the right, the latest visit’s custom variables are displayed. Though this section will initially show the details of the most recent visit, it can also display the details of other visits.


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View all visitor’s Profile from below:

View Individual Visitor Profile from below:

3. Predictive Analytics:

Predictive Analytics tool has played a major role in preventing Fraud and Risk associated with any business. However, we focus on the e-commerce sector, where our predictions are mainly into improving the sales in your business. All one has to do it just turn on the Predictive Model Switch at CustomerEngagePro. Now what does this switch do? It gives you options on what you want the visitor to be tracked for. Eg., Visitors click on Particular products, visitors cart abandonment, Offers, coupons etc., This would help the engine to fine tune itself towards the necessary requisites and help you predict the customer’s future behaviour.


CustomerEngagePro has been designed to include all the vital analytic elements necessary for a small business. Unlike its competitors, CustomerEngagePro helps you to build trust among your customers that their data is safe and secure with you.

Web Tracking: Enterprise web Analytical tool related to Google Analytics

The capability of keeping track of the on goings of a website in an efficient manner can be explained as website tracking. This can be achieved by various methodologies for example using a special software tools. Now, for the relief of new and already existing web trackers CustomerEngagePro Enterprise web Analytics tool is available.

The basic aim of tracking a website is to enhance the familiarity and knowledge of a user. This might or might not be liked by the specific person on whose activity is tracked. Now, because of CustomerEngagePro web analytics tools, only a JavaScript can be utilized to be added at the end of each website to give its records. These records are necessary because of various factors, mainly the concept of protection of personal privacy and space.  

Real time Analytics and Enterprise analytics

When discussing real time analytics, CustomerEngagePro Analytics lets you host on your private server which is unlike many of the analytics mainly Google tools. To understand the concept of real time analytics, it can be defined as the analysis and use of data as it enters into a system is called Real Time Analysis.

Enterprise analysis is the preservation and working of data that is stored within a specific association of a business or major websites.. Many experts are hired to do this job as the intensity of the job varies because all the systems are not united together into one comprehensive platform. These set of experts are present in CustomerEngagePro Analytics.

Advanced and real time web analytics

Web analytics mainly covers the following aspects: ease of usage of the specific website for the users, conversion of data and its moulding as to generalize its usage and convert it into a comfort zone for the users, and most importantly branding of the website. Some affordable analytic solutions generally are Woopra, HitTail, WordStream, Eightfold Logic, Raven, Compete, SERP analytics and many more.

CustomerEngagePro web Analytics tools will provide JavaScript’s that will aid in all of these processes to create analytic reports. Enterprise web analytics tool is the practical implementation of the Enterprise Analysis. This means that it can allow its users to have an access to the data available instantly. The data can be molded into any shape regardless of how it is entered. These data patterns are accessed and then monitored so that they can be styled so efficiently that they help in the gaining of profit for the business.

Making decision in accordance with data and provision of web analytical solutions

Data can be used to provide assistance to the managers of companies that they are running. These companies can be of any type. It could be a small knit company where not many people are employed or a large multinational company. The importance of data based decisions marks by the mere fact that they base solely on the comfort and satisfaction of the customers that are being dealed by such businesses. The concept of internal and external data is very important to be understood by the runners of such companies so that they can solve their problems and bring about more efficiency in their systems. Such that, Enterprise web analytics softwares then identify the problems faced by major companies and help bring about solutions to them.

Enterprise Business Intelligence & Analytics Tools | CustomerEngagePro web Analytics

Tracking the step-by-step activities of your customers as they use your mobile app or website enables you to gather important information about your online business. Enterprise web Analytics tools or a Web Analytics Software gives metrics that matters to the growth of businesses, and more importantly, help business decision makers make analytics data-driven decision on where to take the business next.

With customer’s private analytics, you’ll be able to understand the path each customer took to sign up, how long it took them to sign up, the pages they viewed, the type of device they used, and how they are using your product. Real-Time Web Analytics enables business managers to see their customer’s activities from pre to post purchase actions, this gives you the understanding of how each customer interacts on your business website. Companies using Enterprise analytics tools significantly have higher sales than their competitors, they achieve higher profitability, they are more likely to outperform their competitors on making sales to existing customers, and they are more likely to retain their customers.

Attributes of Customers Analytics from CustomerEngagePro

You’ll Know Where Your Customers Are Coming From Knowing the source that creates the best customers for your business is very powerful and useful information. With the Enterprise analytics tool of CustomerEngagePro, you have the luxury of knowing where your customers came from and the most popular and profitable channels. With CustomerEngagePro’s Private Analytics lets you understand how each customer and user interacted with your product and website. You can look at aggregate data, break it down to each person, and then work to improve your business.

Use Customer Analytics from Web Analytics Software to Optimize How Each

1. Customer Uses Your Product

When you know your customers, you can easily understand what you need to do to establish a better product or services. CustomerEngagePro Web Analytics Software is one tool that helps you to understand how people use your product or service. CustomerEngagePro integrates with several external tools to help you get a more concise understanding of your customers.

2. Customer Analytics is the Solution to Lead Generation

We want qualified leads that move effortlessly throughout the sales cycle. In most businesses, it’s a continuous process to generate interested customers to your product and services. However, it doesn’t always work out that way, the problem lies in preparation. Understanding who your customers are and, the things they like, will enable you to increase the conversions and sales of your products. By developing Analytics Data driven decision making, you can create effective, highly targeted marketing campaigns. CustomerEngagePro makes it easy to use web analytics software to do customer analysis.

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