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Using Data Analytics in School Improvement has proven that data-driven decision making in education can improve student learning with the right Educational Data Analytics Technologies. As a result, the approach of data-driven decision making for school has steadily gained credence, and it has become vital for classroom teachers and educational administrator to understand the importance of Data Driven Decision Making as a powerful tool for school improvement.

Data-driven decision making in education improvement refers to the means educators appraise assessment data to analyse the strengths of student as well as their defects and applying the generated data into their practice. This process of critically examining curriculum and instructional practices relative to students’ actual performance on standardised tests and other assessments yields information that will assist teachers in making a more correct instructional decisions.

A Systematic Strategy

Utilizing the data driven decision in Education to instructional decision making requires us to consider a different instructional and assessment strategies in an efficient manner.The idea of Data-driven decision making for School has been in existence before now, however,classroom teachers need some practice to effectively blend in analytics data into instruction.

Understanding How to Look at the Data

Education administrators can efficiently use student assessment data to guide the development of strategies for either individuals or group interventions. No matter the aim and purpose of the decision-making process, it is quite imperative to observe some cautions and advice before analysing the results of standardized tests.

Educational Data Analytics Technologies

While in time past School Education System have been collecting student data, it is only recently that educational administrators have discovered the power of Data-driven decision making in education can improve student learning. Many educators have used the data collected from different standardized Data Analytics tests that students take in order to boost the quality of teaching, improve curricula as well as share best practices between schools and districts.

It has been proven that the possibility of students attaining the desired learning outcome increases if curricula is planned based on data gathered from assessments. While Educational Data Analytics Technologies can be a huge component of improving student learning, however, educational administrators and teachers do with the collected data is what truly makes the difference.

Why Data-Driven Decision Making process Matters to Profit Maximization

The efficient use of Enterprise web analytics solutions can be beneficial for your website and also helpful in driving more sales and profits. With the importance of data in driving more business sales and generating leads, it is now imperative for business owners to understand how to maximize revenue with web analytics. It’s an easy way to increase ROI and get more business. CustomerEngagePro Web analytics plays a major role in data-driven decision making in education system for profit optimization.

If you want to maximize revenue with web analytics, you have to resolve to use data-driven decision making process. Without genuine visitor’s data, there is no way of knowing when things are getting worse and needs improvement or when they are going just fine. Every good business manager understands that data helps in reducing the liability of a company and as such should be taken seriously if they wish to maximize their profit.

Data-driven decision making process is a powerful tool for your business in becoming an industry leader, however, before going into streaming Analytics, determine the questions you want answered. After which you will allow data to change the way you enhance your visitors’ experience, and discover new ways of enhancing company-wide profits and efficiencies.

Monitors Visitor’s Activities

The CustomerEngagePro streaming Analytics tool assist in tracking of your website visitor’s behaviours, and tells you the page(s) that is doing well and those that needs improvement. This increases the rate of conversion of your website and improves your websites’ content.

Reduction in Bounce Rate

CustomerEngagePro on-premise web analytics will help web owners to check their website’s bounce rate as well as assist in improving their site visitor’s activities so they can Drive Customer Engagement with web Analytics and generate more profits.

Data-driven decision making used to anticipate product demands

Data can be used to analyse and predict the success of a new product and analyse the current position of the business on the market. Organisation’s top executives and sales managers may look at the reasons behind the trends and patterns they detect from the collected data. Based on data, it is easy to see what effort worked and what failed. Top business management executives of any business uses Data driven decision to build business models, make predictions and define trends, and also look into failures in a more detailed manner.

Data-driven decision making process in education used to avoid product cannibalism

When launching a new product, data can be used to predict the effectiveness of the product as well as eliminating the possibility of cannibalizing the previous model of such as product. Hence, Data allows business owners and managers to predict how one product influences the profitability of another product.

The profitability and progress of a business depends on how effectively they analyse data to make intelligent business decisions. Information coupled with intuition and experience, differentiate the success of one business from the next, and takes it to the forefront of success in its respective niche.

Using CustomerEngagePro Analytics to Manage and Optimize the Entire Customer Lifecycle, Campaign tracking

CustomerEngagePro Analytics and Customer Lifecycle

CustomerEngagePro is commonly understood as Complex Event Processing, a method to track collected information through various sources to understand and analyze the underlying patterns to comprehend with certain corporate circumstances. In a business domain, customers hold the prime importance. With the passage of time, the theory of customer relationship with the firm is gaining immense attention to improve the ways in which the customers can be satisfied. There is an entire process of customer interaction with the company, the customer lifecycle, which has a great significance to uplift the business. By using CustomerEngagePro analytics, it is easier to manage and optimize the entire customer lifecycle.

Customer Lifecycle

It is crystal clear in the recent times that marketers can only survive in their business, if they deeply analyze their customers and handle the complete customer lifecycle in order to progress well with the customers. Customer lifecycle is commonly defined as a process through which the customers pass by engaging himself in a relationship with the company. Using CustomerEngagePro to manage and optimize customer lifecycle helps in underlining and highlighting the chances to enhance customer’s long relationship value with the company. Keeping the right track of the lifecycle, customers are better understood, acquired, and engaged in the lifetime business with the firm.


Before you delve in more details, it is important to discover the clients first. Generally, a start with the existing clients is a better idea, as you can implement some web analytic techniques to discover and maintain an understanding of the clients. Look for the customer’s profile, assess their vision, and attain the right viewpoint of the client by using CustomerEngagePro Analytics SoftwareCustomerEngagePro’s Visitor Profile gives you a detailed idea as to what the visitor or customer is actually looking for and what was their Journey on your website.


Customers usually explore brands with competitive options. The application of CustomerEngagePro in exploring your client can let you know what your customers want, double check with the customer response, and market according to their needs. By self hosted web analytics and enterprise web analytics, it becomes feasible to explore customer response to strengthen the marketing position. Analytics need to be very vigilant in applying marketing mix models and testing methodologies to check out customer preferences.


When you understand the background knowledge of your client and explore their needs of a product, it is easier to analyze when they will make a purchase. With the help of data-driven decision making process, analytics can amplify the chances of business expansion. Provide your clients with suitable offers on the brands they target. Re-engage your customers with seasonal discounts, new arrivals etc., Apply cross selling strategies by referring their past purchases and re-target your audience.


After the product is being purchased, analytics now need to apply the goal event tracking web analytics tools to have deeper insight of the product and client usage. It will help to shorten the gap in client’s expectation and product competency. This builds trust in your customers and increases loyal customer base in the market.


By now, the client has well understood the company and is in a good state to maintain the friendliness in corporate customer relationship. He might be in the need of asking for more of the company’s services or products. If you want to turn the client into a permanent one or make him a returning customer, on premise web analytics does this best. It will allow the company to know how well they have actually satisfied their customer with their service and product. This helps in building a brand for the company thereby gaining goodwill among the competitors.


Engaging the business with the data-driven decision making process for Business is very important. At this stage, when the company knows client’s response on the product or service, it becomes simpler to manage any defects in the service. It also allows capitalizing on the customer value and enhances customer relationships.

The application of CustomerEngagePro analytics to manage and optimize the entire customer lifecycle is a process that cannot be fully achieved without the implementation of data driven decision making tools. When you engage your business with the customer lifecycle, it expands and flourishes to the max.

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