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Capture detailed insights about your customer needs, habits, events and more. Know your visitors seamlessly, engage and drive them to be your valuable customers

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Last Updated on Jun 2017

Core Features

Detailed Insights

A great way to know what is happening on all your websites. Get an insight into the visits made to your websites.

Followup with Goals

Define goals for your websites and Mobile Apps. Track, monitor and ensure the business objectives are achieved. Ensure to keep up the pace!

Track Everything

Track traffic from search engines and referrers.  Track your keywords, measure the visitor clicks and impressions. Measure the visitor actions on your websites or Mobile apps.


Detailed customer’s journey and view where your visitors came from, what they did on your website, when they exited from the website. Use the data predictions to re-target your visitor and ensure Goal Conversion.

Actionable Reports

Everyday reports delivery on visits per page, events, clicks per page etc., and measure the conversion rate and also
Page speed reports

Know your Audience

Locate, track and understand your  audience. Accurately track your visitors by Region, Country, State and Organization. Run your marketing campaigns to reach the right audience.

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High Level Analytics Features , Data Privacy, Ownership

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On Premise Web and Mobile Analytics

On Premise Deployment, Single Tenant installation, Server Capacity, Support options.

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Customised Analytics

Sample Tableau/SSRS business specific reports generated.

Download a Sample Business Analytics Report

Being a startup, we are constantly worried about our approach to web marketing and our brand value. Customer Engage Pro has greatly helped us track our visitors and accordingly tweak our website to increase the value perceived by our customers. Thanks for making it simple and Best wishes to CustomerEngagePro team!

Sunil Khanderao

Founder & CEO,

On Premise Web and Mobile Analytics  

With On-Premise Web Analytics and Mobile Analytics, keep the data confined within your network.


Secure Data

Option to deploy in your network or public cloud. Complete control over the data security policies


Track any Application

Detailed reports on usage of applications over the internet and intranet eg. SharePoint, CRM, HRM, etc.,


Analyse Historical Data

Process the historical data over the years and track your audience, risks. 

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