Non Functional testing

Non-functional testing is just as critical as functional
testing and affects customer satisfaction.

At 4MT, we cover even the non functional aspects to guarantee impartial and fair quality.

What is Non Functional Testing?

Non-functional testing is a kind of test to evaluate the non-functional aspects such as performance, usability, reliability, etc. of a software application. This is intentionally designed to test the readiness of a device according to non-functional standards which functional testing never addresses.

A good example of non-functional testing would be to determine how many users can sign in to software simultaneously.

Non-functional testing is just as critical as functional testing and affects customer satisfaction.

Performance Testing

Nonfunctional testing can be equivalent to performance testing. In addition to assessing the software output, it helps to ensure match the response time with the desired time. The application is checked for the response time of many business-critical processes by creating a considerable load and a production-sized database. Even performance testing is conducted as part of integration research.

Usability Testing

Usability testing helps to check the user-friendliness of an interface within an application. The focussed areas are application learning ability and memorability. Especially during Interface testing usability testing is extremely important.

Compatibility Testing

With the availability of the different device types and platforms, the same application could be compatible and have the best user experience considering the device’s features, size, and style. Hence, compatibility testing is important to verify the application’s compatibility with different software and hardware. Even compatibility checking is carried out on different versions or updates of the same program.

Non-functional Research Objectives

The goal of the non-functional test is


To boost the product’s usability, performance, maintenance, and portability.

To assist in reducing the expense of the commodity relevant to non-functional

For internal research and development to collect and produce measurements and metrics

To help minimize development risk associated with non-functional of the product.

To optimize the product’s way of loading, conducting and tracking.

To develop and enhance awareness of the actions of the company and the technologies in use.

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