Functional testing

Proven collection of resources to provide impeccable system functionality

At 4MT, we cover the entire range of system functionality to guarantee impartial and fair quality.

Smoke testing

Preliminary testing procedure to inspect whether Software is prepared for further testing.

System testing

Performed on an entire, integrated system to assess the system’s compliance with its specified conditions.

Acceptance testing

Conducted to ensure the software handles desired tasks in real-world scenarios, in accordance with the specifications.

Interface testing

Assessment of accurate system module interactivity

Regression testing

Testing to secure alterations made does not impact the formerly functioning functionality.

Integration testing

Conducted to test elements of code to substantiate interaction between different software units and recognize interface deficiencies.

Functional testing process

Requirement Gathering

In this phase the establishment of project goals and Deadlines, construction of testing roadmaps are done


A thorough analysis of all the gathered requirements is done.

Test Cases

After the analysis, the different testing scenarios are made which include Manual Testing, Test Automation and Exploratory Testing.

Tracking Bugs and Issuing Reports

During the testing process, bugs are tracked and Issuing of reports is also done.

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“We have been working together with a1qa on a number new releases. a1qa team has always provided us with prompt response, when it comes to setup of the team, getting to know the contents of the new release package and reporting on the status.

With fast response to our requirements and professional approach, I can definitely recommend the cooperation with a1qa.”

Rainar Ütt,

Head of Quality, InnoGames

4M has a broad experience in functional testing covering almost every software type


Web applications


Enterprise web systems


Enterprise web systems


Distributed systems with mobile elements


Desktop applications


System utilities

Why 4M?

Highly skilled in the field
mobile testing

100% commitment to the project
throughtout all the stages of life-cycle

Huge Experience in Software
QA business

More than 100

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