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“I would highly recommend a1qa Academy as a very good QA learning center. I took a performance testing seminar
to enlarge my knowledge in this area. I was impressed by the level of competence of the trainer, learned new techniques and was soon promoted in my current position.”

a1qa Academy student

4M launched QA Academy to ensure the growth of highly qualified test engineers

a1qa software testing courses:

Functional testing

Performance testing

Web app testing

Mobile testing

Usability testing

Agile testing

Automation testing

Localization testing

Diversified educational programs

Learning at QA Academy has nothing to do with boring day-to-day lectures. Instead, we’ve developed a diversified




Round tables

Master classes

a1qa academy runs professional trainings and ensures niche skill advancement for everyone who wants to gain the profession of a QA Engineer or improve their existing knowledge in QA.

We offer

QA Summer

The significant part of QA Academy is QA Summer, an annual International QA Conference held in Minsk, Belarus.

Each year it gathers testing gurus and QA practitioners, students and those who want to become QA engineers, to share experiences and discuss trending methodologies.

400+ practitioners from Germany, Russia, Estonia, Belarus and other countries present their latest approaches for ensuring the quality of today’s complex software systems..

Why study at a1qa academy?

8+ years
of operation


80+ technical

10+ courses
for managers

450+ graduates

75% successful
employment in IT

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