3 Hidden features you likely don’t know, that will make you more productive : CustomerEngagePro

3 Hidden features you likely don’t know, that will make you more productive : CustomerEngagePro

When dealing with Sensitive data like Customer’s PII, it is very important on how we handle the Data Security. Is there a way we can prevent the data leakage? If yes, what is the best way to handle it?

While Cloud Infrastructure handles huge data, it is also vulnerable to the data breach that may occur. Hence, when a data is stored on Cloud it is essential to understand how the data is protected and how well the data has been secured. While encrypting the data and storing the same in Cloud is one option, but again the vulnerability is addressed only to some extent.

1. On-Premise Analytics:

open source on-premise web analytics solutions

Hosting the data in a private cloud or on-premise makes the best option to prevent any data loss and address the security part. CustomerEngagePro gives you solid analytics about your customer data and ensures 100% data security and privacy. It is completely integrable to a private cloud hosted on your network. Reach your customers with the best services and ensure their data is secure and kept private. Winning the trust of your customers is always the greatest asset of any business. With CustomerEngagePro, you can leverage the Private Analytics for all your Mobile Applications and Websites. It’s a single Dashboard Interface that helps you capture, analyze and utilize your customer data.

While On-Premise Analytics and Private Analytics give you a confidence on the data security and privacy, CustomerEngagePro’s Predictive Analytics gives you the greater advantage of reaching your customers even before they land on your website.

2. Visitor Profile/ID:

Most recent visit overview In the upper left corner of the popup the details of the latest visit are displayed. The information displayed on the left includes the latest visit’s:

  • IP address,
  • visitor ID,
  • browser,
  • and screen resolution.

The visitor’s provider name is displayed as a tool tip when hovering over the IP address. The visit’s installed plugins are displayed as a tool tip when hovering over the browser. On the right, the latest visit’s custom variables are displayed. Though this section will initially show the details of the most recent visit, it can also display the details of other visits.


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View all visitor’s Profile from below:

customer - visitor profile - web analytics tool

View Individual Visitor Profile from below:

customer - visitor full profile - web analytics tool

3. Predictive Analytics:

Predictive Analytics tool - Ecommerce websites analytics tool

Predictive Analytics tool has played a major role in preventing Fraud and Risk associated with any business. However, we focus on the e-commerce sector, where our predictions are mainly into improving the sales in your business. All one has to do it just turn on the Predictive Model Switch at CustomerEngagePro. Now what does this switch do? It gives you options on what you want the visitor to be tracked for. Eg., Visitors click on Particular products, visitors cart abandonment, Offers, coupons etc., This would help the engine to fine tune itself towards the necessary requisites and help you predict the customer’s future behaviour.


CustomerEngagePro has been designed to include all the vital analytic elements necessary for a small business. Unlike its competitors, CustomerEngagePro helps you to build trust among your customers that their data is safe and secure with you.