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With the birth of internet, we spend so much time online that access to our Internet activity logs such as searches on the internet, websites, and visited web pages can potentially reveal a lot of our personal data including our work. With the CustomerEngagePro  open source On-Premise analytics software, you get 100% data ownership, and we understand the importance of your data privacy and security, which is why we have put together one of the best web analytics solutions that guarantees data security and clients privacy.

Businesses, no matter the industry, gather volumes of data from their Web channels, however they are often faced with the challenge of generating business value from all of the data. To make informed business decisions, you must be able to efficiently convert the volume and variety of raw Web data into knowledge. The way businesses make use of this raw web data determines the progress of the business. This is why data-driven decision making in business is important to the success of any business. Privacy on the internet is a major concern for many users, as well as webmasters and digital companies today.

CustomerEngagePro is a open source web analytics software ensures the privacy of your users and analytics data. When making use of CustomerEngagePro predictive web analytics software, you keep control of your data, which means 100% data ownership is guaranteed by CustomerEngagePro analytics tool.

When you use other web analytics tool, your web analytics data is tracked, stored and owned by the company providing you with the analytics service. While this analytics services providers offers an excellent service, they also make use of the visitor log data that was tracked on your website to enrich existing profiles for a given user or IP address.

Privacy is becoming increasingly important to us as we spend more of our lives connected on the internet, and at the same time, we are concerned about where and how our private information is being used.  We all understand the implications and challenges of exposing so much personal information on the internet. Hence Intranet Analytics have an edge where customer’s PII data is captured. 

CustomerEngagePro is the leading open source enterprise analytics software, that complies to your privacy needs, enterprise analytics, and web analytics solution platform, a building block of the free and open Internet. Utilizing our Advanced Web Analytics, you will ensure that all of your valuable information is private and owned by only you, and that your website respects the privacy of your visitors.

CustomerEngagePro is an Open source Web Analytics tools turns your Web data into valuable business strategies. It offers data driven analytics solution that lets you observe the key performance indicators of your website and help you to understand the factors that influence each business metric. Equipped with this metric, letting you to successfully refine your marketing and service strategies to achieve your business goals.

Data-Driven Decision Making – Education | School

Using Data Analytics in School Improvement has proven that data-driven decision making in education can improve student learning with the right Educational Data Analytics Technologies. As a result, the approach of data-driven decision making for school has steadily gained credence, and it has become vital for classroom teachers and educational administrator to understand the importance of Data Driven Decision Making as a powerful tool for school improvement.

Data-driven decision making in education improvement refers to the means educators appraise assessment data to analyse the strengths of student as well as their defects and applying the generated data into their practice. This process of critically examining curriculum and instructional practices relative to students’ actual performance on standardised tests and other assessments yields information that will assist teachers in making a more correct instructional decisions.

A Systematic Strategy

Utilizing the data driven decision in Education to instructional decision making requires us to consider a different instructional and assessment strategies in an efficient manner.The idea of Data-driven decision making for School has been in existence before now, however,classroom teachers need some practice to effectively blend in analytics data into instruction.

Understanding How to Look at the Data

Education administrators can efficiently use student assessment data to guide the development of strategies for either individuals or group interventions. No matter the aim and purpose of the decision-making process, it is quite imperative to observe some cautions and advice before analysing the results of standardized tests.

Educational Data Analytics Technologies

While in time past School Education System have been collecting student data, it is only recently that educational administrators have discovered the power of Data-driven decision making in education can improve student learning. Many educators have used the data collected from different standardized Data Analytics tests that students take in order to boost the quality of teaching, improve curricula as well as share best practices between schools and districts.

It has been proven that the possibility of students attaining the desired learning outcome increases if curricula is planned based on data gathered from assessments. While Educational Data Analytics Technologies can be a huge component of improving student learning, however, educational administrators and teachers do with the collected data is what truly makes the difference.

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